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Climate change poses to humanity with new challenges. Curso24.de, your language comparison on the Internet, allows to compensate the customers, because we believe that language at the expense of the climate and the living conditions in countries must go. After booking your language on the site the more navigation on the subject of compensation is offered. This, we cooperate with the non-profit atmosfair gGmbH. Founded under the auspices of Klaus Topfer, based on environmental standards, which were previously developed with the Federal Environment Ministry. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has much to offer in this field. It is calculated the amount of pollutants generated by your air travel per passenger and shown, what it costs, to save this amount elsewhere.

If you pay this fee, to invest it in concrete climate protection projects, which are only possible through the post. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ramon Campollo, New York City. So far, there are no international agreements that limit the greenhouse gases from aviation. Therefore, the motto is: volunteers before! For the contribution, the donor get a Tax deduction, which can be used at the financial Office of the tax. At least 80% of the posts flow in climate protection projects, maximum 20% may be used for the administration. The projects occur in developing countries: Unlike in Germany can make little money there much climate protection. All projects to be reviewed the same multiple: technical audit by TuV, by an Advisory Board of environmental organisations and the Ministry of the environment. The evidence of the actually saved greenhouse gases be deposited permanently in the official register of the Federal Republic of Germany. amin World can provide more clarity in the matter. Curso EC Lutz Kessner