Already Gepluddelt? With To The Own Wrapping Paper

Personal gift wrapping paper from the edition of 1 piece a new trend arrives on Germany’s gift tables: even crafted gift wrap of the Dusseldorf StartUps Whether birthday, wedding or confirmation gift paper is from now even gepluddelt”! This means that each user can create his own wrapping paper on the website of pluddel and print this already from the edition of a piece. To the world’s first editor of wrapping paper can be found on. With this online graphic tool creative can on approximately 170 motifs, bring your own texts and logos on the personal gift paper or even photos to upload. But also finished wrapping paper designs are available to choose from, which can be made up according to own needs.

On the question what pluddeln”is now actually, Tina Eichner, one of the two founders responds: this is a neologism by us. pluddeln thinks the creative process to create personal wrapping paper that is unique.” Ever after Length is the price of the individual wrapping paper between 11,-and 19,-euros plus shipping. And who knows, maybe the next birthday is actually a lawn mower, which is wrapped in gift paper grass. At pluddel in any case, you can make the perfect wrapping paper for every occasion quite easily yourself..