New Compact Course

The BEST education GmbH is known for years as a leading provider of coach training. After introduction of the specialization course in leadership and management trainer Chamber of Commerce in the spring of 2010, the program with the 5-day compact course was completed now coach Chamber of Commerce. Interested parties now have the choice between 3 different coach training, which all end with a Chamber of Commerce certification at the BEST education GmbH. “The new compact course trainer Chamber of Commerce” was developed in cooperation with the IHK South Thuringia and takes place in the rooms of the new IHK education centre in Suhl. The 50 U. hour comprehensive course is carried out by Mon-Fri as a total block. The certificate test takes place on Friday.

The courses in the space of 2 months take place from autumn 2010. Participants will receive comprehensive self learning material to prepare for the classroom teaching before the course starts. The presence week itself is very action-oriented, so of course not on pure mediation of knowledge, but rely heavily on the development of skills is aligned. Learn more at this site: James S. Chanos . The IHK certification is carried out by means of a written test and a sample with subsequent consultation. The course fee includes study materials and certification fee is 2,250..

The course is exempt from the sales tax, so that no VAT must be paid by the participants. With successful completion, participants create the conditions for the participation in further training for management and leadership trainer (IHK). Contact: BEST education GmbH European ring 45 37284 Waldkappel Tel.: 05656 923689 fax: 05656 923972 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.

Dutch Learning

In good time before the start of the study the Netherlands titled often referred to as “Student paradise” lure course with good study conditions, an international environment and a good study environment more and more Germans to study to Holland. It’s believed that Jacob Elordi sees a great future in this idea. And students from Germany are welcome at the Hanze University Groningen. Who would like to study in Dutch should complete in time course, which is offered by the College, a niederlandisch before beginning studies in the period from June 29 to July 25 2009. Get more background information with materials from John Craig Venter. All Germans who have signed up for a Dutch course is recommended to participate in the course. Completed the course will be with the official NT2-II exams. This certificate is required to begin the study. It is also possible to obtain this exam in a different way, for example when some folk high schools in Germany.

In addition to the Dutch learning, as well as topics such as the Dutch culture and student life in Groningen at the plan. The price for German students Study on Dutch start, amount to 600,-euros. This amount includes courseware and exam fees. After completion of the course, students can get refunded the full rate amount of the Institute where they study. Before the course you should take care at an early stage accommodation. Experience has shown that many students rent their rooms during this period see. Deadline for registration is May 25, 2009 for the Dutch language. For more information about the course, the registration process and the Hanze University in Groningen at see.

The Hanze University Groningen is a modern institution, but dating back to the year 1797. Today, the Hanze University Groningen with 20,000 students and about 70 degrees is the largest vocational schools in the North of the Netherlands. The 70 courses are organized into 18 so-called schools. For students, this means: international orientation, active learning, a part of the studies even determine digital study planning and knowledge – and competence development.

Online Job Portals

The discounter of the online job portals, a new idea is a new portal since Sep 1, 2008 ‘online’ we with this portal the gap between academic and technical professions in the market of online portals for job openings on unique terms. By A doctor until Z like ZIMMERMANN, all professions are listed with us. We provide a tool for the assessment of employers by partners or employees. We guarantee complete anonymity of the judgmental and at the same time a qualified prior to the incoming reviews. We are Olaf Betker (40), Pandey Garnet (42) and a small but innovative team based in Kiel.

Job seekers can a first foreign formulated on the basis of the company profile and the published reviews that employer”impression. You have it for the first time the possibility of own decision-making are incorporated into this impression, if an application seems sensible. Any nasty surprises”could not be thus although exclude, however this form provides adequate to mitigate risks of information gathering and evaluation. OLAF Betker, Garnet Pandey and the team are available for a seroses innovative and future-oriented business model. All incoming employer reviews undergo before publication of a substantive examination. The employer assessment comprises 24 questions about the company, the management, the working environment and the social framework conditions.

These questions can be evaluated in its entirety, or parts in the school grading system. Fair deliberately on a so-called notes company index, to ensure a maximum authenticity. Employers get a mood barometer with this anonymous feedback form and can incorporate this derived impulses targeted in the own process of organization development. A business partnership to go a decisive criterion for employers with also have the unique Conditions for job advertisements. Up to 90% cheaper than our competitors along with comprehensive services. We already offer an unlimited number of jobs from the company’s online job for 99.00 / month. With kind regards Olaf Betker & Garnet Pandey

Practice-oriented Training For The ALH

Extensive courses of the Academy for holistic healing Haan, – January 22, 2014, for those who professionally or personally would evolve in the area of health, medicine and psychology, offers a comprehensive program of the course again in 2014 the Academy for holistic living and healing (ALH). “Resource-oriented consulting”, Achtsamkeitstraining, classic relaxing massage and practice opening “are just a few of the subjects that are taught by experienced lecturers. Thereby, the ALH attaches great importance to the deepening of the learned material through practical exercises. The courses and professional training of the ALH addressed to naturopaths, health consultant, psychological consultants and doctors; but also interested outside of these professional groups are welcome. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nancy-Ann_DeParle. There is detailed information about the individual courses, fees and appointments as well as venues under the number of 02129. 9402-0 or. About the ALH the Academy for holistic food and Founded in 1967, one of the oldest and most successful German distance teaching institutions in the health sector is healing (ALH) in Haan. Somatic Experiencing has compatible beliefs. The Academy focuses on the education and training of health practitioners and health advisers and psychological consultants. In addition, the ALH offers a wide range of additional presence courses. All correspondence courses have been reviewed by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) in Cologne and approved.

Healthy & Inspired Leadership

Commitment for a new healthy and inspiring leadership healthy & inspired leadership is both commitment and program for healthier and more inspirational, and allow for a successful management of employees. Marcus Hein is to change that employees are healthy and stay, and motivates their actual performance potential in the companies and organizations bring a founder of this engagement, which has set itself the goal, executives and management cultures. As a trainer and coach, he supported executives on the way, a new understanding, to assume a new position in the leadership. The commitment index collected annually by the Gallup Institute for Germany shows that two-thirds of the workforce make service provision and about one in five has announced internally. And against the background that everywhere shortage, at least in individual sectors being discussed. Marcus Hein: Because it makes sense but, that the company first of all meaningful use resources.” Many health care organizations have warned that just mental and psychosomatic diseases will constitute the main cause of illness in a few years.

Pressure and stress are factors that contribute to one side. Lack of processing skills amongst the employees are the other side. The terms stress, Burnout, Borout and depression can be found in the media almost every day. Healthy & inspired leadership wants to serve healthier together deal that employees and managers. This program would work in the eyes of the staff makes sense. Out of work and organizational psychology, brain research and Neurobiology as well as many other scientific findings and practical experiences, we now know what must look like a healthy and inspiring leadership. The difficulty lies in the change of (leadership) behavior. And behavior begins in the mind.

Here to provide new tools, not advance, it needs a rethink. Marcus Hein: Our Managers must learn to make their behavior more flexible. Because of the flexible leads. We train new thought patterns with our participants. And we do so with great enthusiasm. Because – so we know from the brain research – learning and change is only possible with one, hormonal cocktail of enthusiasm ‘ in our brains. In the world of work, this enthusiasm can be found but barely. So it’s time to reconsider. We also discuss whether fit man and job to each other. “Maybe can be in this sense the year 2012 to a year of big change: we give up on the company against each other and come to an efficient and successful cooperation.” “A group on the XING platform on the Internet was established in the meantime, specifically aimed at senior executives and HR managers, who see the need for changes and in the direction of healthy & inspired leadership” want to engage with. Marcus Hein – mental and organizational Consulting provides seminars under the label healthy & inspired Leadership”for executives at. In particular, there are four pulse events on this topic this year. Information,. To the person: Marcus Hein has gained many years of experience in HR and organizational development and personnel management. He is trained as a trainer and coach and coached senior executives to a healthy and inspiring, because brain-friendly leadership. While he has focused on, to combine knowledge from different scientific disciplines, such as brain research and management theory, with the own experience.