Informal Advertising

So, perhaps start with a political advertisement. For example residents of a German town, L the day before the election to the mayor, could find at the entrance to a package with two freshly baked scones and brochure of one of candidates. A Here, the agency Lowe invented a new way to promote regular detergent. Bottom line is this – a box with the sample means is wrapped in a white shirt. It signed the address and other data necessary post, ie, T-shirt serves as a postal envelope. If you would like to know more about Sydney Sweeney, then click here. While gift reaches its destination, through all the post offices, very dirty shirt.

When the recipient opens the box, inside he finds that most cleaners, which will be able to clean off all the formed spots. At the same time, you can attract the attention of the consumer rather standard sposobomami in raw performance, such as pr National Geographic drew on a huge bus shark, which swallowed the passengers. Her mouth is drawn on a door that closes immediately behind the last passenger. To an outsider spectacle unusual. This paper is a call to make an interesting advertising, to make life brighter!