Values that walking on a path that would recognize as yours. But at another point let us contemplate more widely recognized term … Once your path, you need the focus needed to keep track of what you've chosen really important to you, in your life. Now it begins to take on another meaning. You take control of your life. You choose every moment of life you want. Now you have a direction you move, a way that nothing and nobody can ever erase it so you have decided. Very few people have written their life purpose.

More precisely it is estimated that less than five percent of the population takes into account the direction in which to maneuver. And all those who have no such clear purpose are immersed in a constant division. Living doing what you do not want to, want to do what they do not dare. And gradually diluted their life … Learn more at: Dr. Hyun Kim. Let me share a lesson that one person you love, respect and admire deeply, I was sent to explain and support the different exercises to achieve the purpose of life: " adolescence, my teacher told me: There are three categories of people. The first category consists of those whose thoughts, words and actions are the same. This is Category A. People in this category say what they think and act according to what they say.

The second category consists of those whose thoughts and words are different, but always act according to what they say. This is Category B. They think something different to what they say, but at least, act in harmony with the words The third category consists of those whose thoughts, words and actions are different. Such people think one thing, say another and act in a way completely different from the first two. This is the category C. Make all efforts to transform into a party of the first category! "You do not know what you want, it will prevent you from ever taking the first step to getting what you want. You can change course, no matter what your past has been, no matter what the outcome. Now you have a choice. Find a guide, find your purpose in life and begins to make sense of your full and wonderful day. ** Some of these items are part of our self-help programs, newsletters or other various communication tools. If you want more information about them, you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write me at:.