Russia Scooter

And everywhere, paved roads and expressways, the length of which, I think, more than all of Russia. To understand the culture of production motorcycles, and people's attitude to it, one must take note of the fact that the 23 million inhabitants (not believe it!) 20 million units of motorcycles! That is, in fact, every adult (You can control the scooter as we have 16 years of age) is under a pair of "iron horses". (Similarly see: Pat Ogden). At the same bike or elektrobaykov, as in mainland China, almost no – all the "burning gasoline, and do it tastefully, sharp and dynamic. You may find Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to be a useful source of information. TTakoy the popularity of motorcycles, undoubtedly contributes to the climate on the island – a record low temperature in winter – plus 10. During the tests, atv in the southern part of the day was hot up to 31 degrees, we swam in the ocean (the locals, however, believed that is cool). Another stroke – mainly in the cities there are no sidewalks and pedestrians – everyone who can, go to the allotted paths on a scooter, even for short distances. Walk or go to the next house, or visitors. However, about the peculiarities of the national conversation motodrayva special Motorized Taiwan. The main plant is located in the middle of residential neighborhoods, and that for him to drive our minibus was traveling with difficulty in a narrow lane with the crowd skuteristov. Perhaps there is another entrance, for heavy trucks, which carry about a technique for local dealers, but we have not seen.