Melati Beach Resort

The annual red carpet Gala took place on November 1, 2013, in Phuket, Thailand,. The World Luxury Hotel awards are regarded as the most prestigious and most exclusive awards in the hospitality industry. It is an organization that awarded luxury hotels for their world class facilities and outstanding service, they offer their guests. The goal of the organization is to promote service standards in the luxury hotel industry and improve. The criteria for successful inclusion in the selection process of the World luxury hotel awards based on the height of the level of services as a whole. The assessment is carried out not by a Supervisory Council, but in the form of the public vote on by the industry itself, i.e., by tour operators, travel agents, industry experts and guests who had experience with these hotels.

At the event, hotels and resorts from 61 countries in 29 categories were awarded by the 1,500 in nominations received this year. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bessel van der Kolk. The winners are selected on the basis of Countries, continents and throughout the world, where the sites with the most votes get the global price for luxury in a particular category. After the announcement of the prizes said group General Manager of Chaweng Regent and Melati Beach Resort and Spa, Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs: “Within the framework of the expansion of the brand of Chaweng Regent and Melati Beach Resort and Spa we are more than ever ready to operate hotels, which fully reflect our principles–houses of the top with our legendary Asian hospitality.” With two World Luxury Hotel Awards will be awarded, is a great honor and a testament to the passion and dedication of our employees. We thank WLHA, our guests and our competitors in the industry for this recognition.” About Dr. Daniel G.

Fuchs: I’m Swiss citizen and worked for the last 13 years mainly in Asia. My work experience in the hospitality, tourism, and education sector spanning more than 30 years, where I in a variety of senior positions, both in the industry both in Academy, have worked. My professional expertise is revealed among other things on organizational development and redevelopment in the hospitality, tourism, and education. In this time, I held many seminars and guest speeches in the metropolitan area of Asia, as well as Africa and Australia, and also Firmeberatungen in the hotel and tourism sector. Contact: Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs international hospitality and tourism expert and consultant 373 Mooban Krissadanakorn 18 31 SOI Anyamnee Salatammasop Tawwewatthana Klao Nakornchaisi Bangkok, 10170 Thailand website: E-mail: or


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It is also a referee not unlike. About a hundred decisions that he must be in a game. The former FIFA referee and experienced Bundesliga referee Bernd Heynemann from Magdeburg has betrayed what’s the Pfeifenmann through the head, in a keynote speech. On invitation of the Monchengladbach sponsor fanclubs true Borussia”the 59-year old, who began playing playful Kiez kickers in the German Democratic Republic, was deep in the always impartial soul of an arbitrator. What’s going on in the man in black when he must decide in the fleeting moment of Eyelash shock? And not always in accordance with the opinion of the fans. As decision makers walks on the narrow ridge between claim and reality”a referee, Heyne man said before the 30 guests at the best Western Crown Hotel in Monchengladbach. It is important to make a decision at all.

Because conflicts can be resolved with a decision. And not only on the playing field.” Of course it can happen also a renowned referee such as Bernd Heynemann, who served from 2002 to 2009 for the CDU in the Bundestag, that he wrongly draws a red card or pointed to the penalty spot. The error rate is up to three percent. You might however game critical. In reverse it means however that 97 percent of the decisions are right.” Either way. A referee must always remain Lord of the procedure and underpin this unique body language. Who has made a decision of fact once on the turf, while at work or in private life must also be answerable. Without ifs and buts. The wrong decision once taken can not be ironed out through another.” In such cases, it is important to take responsibility and not to wait for the confirmation by others. In stressful situations, when it is pointed ‘ button, every man for himself should trust and do not measure Gander”, recommends the joyful decision Ex-referee. A foul is a foul in the midfield or in the penalty area. Successful decisions are a real challenge.” Andreas R. Graf and the sponsor Fanclub have made a good choice, as they could win Bernd Heynemann for this informative as well as motivational lecture anyway. Information: Holger Bernert