The Yellow House

People settled inside of a bathtub, in the bathroom of the Yellow House, of day, while an enormous line waited irritated of the side of is. We settle of dawn, in the deep one of the bus that, in high speed went up the Mountain range of the Borborema. In the lodging, in the theater festival, we settle under the blanket, on a long cushion amongst the others, where others dissimulated to sleep. We run naked for the immense and desert beach alvinha of White Mount, later that we settle in it, in a labyrinth of falsias. Insignificant naked bodies, enter the possible sky bluest and the finest sand gust of that dune of Broken Canoe, we settle until arder. We spend thousand of cubical meters of water, when we settle under ducha morna of sute of the hotel in Garanhuns. Dr. Mark Hyman gathered all the information.

I was burnt in the casserole of spaghetti, when to support trying me in the stove, when tropeguei exausto, later that we settle in the kitchen. When I came of the yard, to assear after me in the side of the river Gurguia, attended your sleep for hours and you, lying from bruos, naked, sweated, shining moved away the legs more a bit and you settle of new, while you slept, inside of the tent. I lost the account of the piscantes stars and not identified flying objects that we saw, lying under ribalta clearer than the moon already obtained to be distinguished. See Bessel van der Kolk for more details and insights. Then, we settle there, in palco rainier of the Legal Amaznia. In the net biggest that had offered in them, we settle. We thank and we catch the road in return to the place of where we came. In the way, we settle under many clouds and we wet in them in the jorrante well of Cristino Castro.

People fought, cried, if she repented and she asked for pardon one to the other, later we kiss in them and we settle there same, in the deep ones of the Large house. We settle, going up the stairs of the Manoel Julio. We fall of the sofa and we settle in the carpet. We settle very. We settle excessively. Still thus, I find that we settle very little. I always ask because we do not settle more. When we arrive in our salty waters, poludas and tired of in such a way beating in them, with soap in rock, pra cleaning in them, we rub our nodoadas vestments. We extend them we leave and them to quarar more under the moved away sun, for the biggest storm of spring end, of the south of Brazil. E, you lose to the wind fort, come you blow of them of the death, we drown in them forever when we settle in the sea of the Land of the Fire.


Who knows the others is a scholar. Who is known, is a scholar. You are somebody, you can be certain. Because God never would waste its time to make ' ' ningum' '. He thinks about this: Amongst more than the 6 billion people in this world, he does not have two that they are equal All we are ' ' originais' '! But many insist on being copies of the others. It refuses to be a copy. It advances beyond the average! You are much more of what 208 bones, 500 muscles, 7 a thousand nerves and some kilos of skin. He prevents the minimum, pursues the maximum.

The people who have fear to go up higher in search of the triumph are those that had lost the confidence Or that they had lost the faith in its capacity. Some nor perceive that it has potential to make something more. If you do not help yourself to leave marasmo, who you will help? Nor always of pra to make everything But, nor therefore, if he refuses to make something that makes the difference If he does not strengthen to be accepted, but he fights to be you yourselves. How many significant things we leave to make in the life for finding that it is late excessively? It has force She is necessary if to convince of that the success, the triumph, is in you! Unknown author. CVR/