Golf is very popular as a sport in Germany. You will find numerous golf courses and clubs. Golf wins more and more followers many golf clubs and societies enjoy an increasing number of new members and golfers. The nice thing about golf is that it resides in the great outdoors and is always on the move. In golf it aims the ball with a few shots from the tee directly into the often many hundred meters distant hole to play. A golf course has usually 18 holes, which can be up to 8 kilometers long. There are many obstacles as ditches or bunker which play that often don’t make. Exactly here lies the challenge for the golfer.

Only with much exercise us precision is possible to reach a “par”. Par stands for the number of strokes that a very good player needs to play the ball from the tee into the hole. Golf clubs in Germany: in Germany there are numerous golf clubs and associations. Every golf course is different in the structure and level of difficulty. It is often also possible a guest cards directly to achieve at the Club. Especially interesting is the large number of places which exist in Germany. There are nationwide over 300 golf courses which are organized often referred to as society. Golf courses are situated in nature and offer respite from everyday life. If you are interested in golf and are looking for content about golf information here also.