German Volunteer Association

German Club volunteering e.V. Munich offers extensive protection against liability risks, January 19, 2009 – with the concentrated expertise from ten years experience of the German voluntary work Association to the legal and technical protection of volunteers dedicated people cares. Since 1999, the community of lawyers, tax consultants and chartered accountants stands clubs facing the faithful according to the motto, prevention is better than reaction”. With membership of the German voluntary work Association clubs free of charge receive legal, tax and financial advice and are covered by insurance at the same time if something happens. Many people volunteer in associations and interest groups. To take a voluntary activity, is for many, but concern, because the personal liability risk, tax and financial tasks and other legal bases of the right of Association constitute barriers. Thus the voluntary commitment with its important social Functions don’t go back, the German honorary Association has set a goal: Board members legal and tax advice and protect from liability risks through an insurance package. All German clubs, associations, foundations and interest groups can be members of the Association German volunteering e.V..

Within the framework of their volunteering boards with a membership hedge legal, tax, financially and personally. You will receive individual advice and comprehensive protection for all questions and tasks of the Club’s management. Many boards of Directors is not aware what risks they take for example at events and that they can be held personally liable. Injured a guest at an event of the Association, it can sue the Club for damages. In this case, the Club’s management can take the event liability insurance claim. Eva Andersson-Dubin: the source for more info. Such a protection not occurred, the responsible Board of Directors is liable with his personal fortune.

Hans Hachinger, Board of Directors of the Association German honorary e.V., explains: we understand the worries and fears volunteers dedicated people and want protection against liability risks with our services and the new label ‘ the counter. The Association of German volunteering has become to the task, to promote the voluntary work for our company.” About German VOLUNTEERING e.V. The German Volunteer Association supports voluntarily engaged people with his performances. The German Volunteer Association to the legal and technical protection of volunteers dedicated people cares with the professional competence of ten years of experience. Members of the German Association honorary e.V. can be all clubs, associations, foundations and communities of interest. With membership you will receive a seal of protection against liability risks”. The label confirms the tested safety for her voluntary work the boards of Directors and members and ensures extensive protection against personal liability risks. It stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection of club directors in their volunteer activities. The services of the Association e.V. German volunteering include statutes examination, tax advice, legal advice, short-term event liability insurance, and property and liability insurance.

Scientology Churches Engage In Social Improvements

Scientologists bringing not only their willingness and their ability to tackle the task, they use even L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries in many fields. So, they are able to provide a wide range of practical knowledge to resolve conflicts, to settle disputes, to improve communication and interpersonal relations, to solve learning problems, to rehabilitate the values and integrity of a person and States in literally every area of life to the positive contact. Volunteer Ministers: the program of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers each available, who wants to help others and make the world a better place. L. Ron Hubbard described the program as follows: If the crime, cruelty, injustice and violence in this society don’t like one, you can do something about it.

You can become a volunteer Minister and civilize them help to bring her a conscience, kindness, love, and freedom from suffering by one they gradually with Trust, decency, honesty and tolerance meets.” The Scientology Volunteer Ministers are internationally active and trained for this, to be able to help in any emergency. Their efficiency comes from the basics learned of them in the Scientology doctrine. Can certain procedures in the Scientology Handbook, with their application, they bring about miracles in every area of life. Somatic Experiencing brings even more insight to the discussion. The international human rights program: Scientology traditionally defended the right of the individual to strive for happiness and to realize its full potential. It is therefore only logical that since the founding of the first Scientology many parishioners committed Church to human rights, as they are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of human rights. “Youth for human rights international” was founded in 2001 by the longtime educator and school principal Mary Shuttleworth, in the framework of its work for the International Foundation for human rights and tolerance (International Foundation for) Human rights and tolerance).

You held the Office of Director-General. “Youth for human rights” is a project in the education that teaches children and young people the importance of human rights. The objective of the Association “Youth for human rights” is to enlighten the youth all over the world about human rights, and thereby helping them to become valuable advocates for the promotion of tolerance and peace. The Scientology religion contains many solutions for the problems of life, all resulting in increased awareness and spiritual freedom for the individual and the regaining his fundamental decency, his strength and ability. These results are routinely achieved daily all over the world. If things were a little known and better understood”, declared L. Ron Hubbard, we all would lead a happier life” and nothing underlines these words better than the Scientology religion itself. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V., contact: UTA Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 24, 80802 Munich, TEL 0163-9102460, FAX 089-38607-109,