More About Coaching

Coaching has proven effective in supporting executives to achieve the above, and it has been positioned as a methodology in vogue internationally. This can be seen clearly in the many services offer coaching, and training of Coaches. For this very reason, you must be careful contract the service, and find coaches with solid training, university-supported and well trajectory. What is the procedure performed within the executive coaching to improve? Not improve the executive. We train the executive and support him to recognize and develop their skills and abilities. Source: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. This is achieved through self-observation, which is guided by head coach with questions. The technique is to give the individual a greater perspective on himself and the situations they face, and train you in this practice so that it can recognize new behaviors that are most effective in attaining its objectives.

How long does it work with the person until it is “renewed”? This depends mostly on the person and the objectives pursued. There are those who simply want to improve your time management, and some people want to completely transform your career or have a strong difference in the results they create for your business. In turn, each of us has different speeds to establish change. Coaching is very effective, in the sense that when performed by a professional, it really does introduce new practices that yield visible results and does so in a relatively short time, when compared with other disciplines. How long will the results start to be felt? A single session with a good Coach produce visible results. Again, the individual will decide how fast and deep does your “click” and introduces the change.

But anyway, a good coach supports the coach to create visible results quickly and motivators. “In general, what are the most difficult aspects of working in the process of coaching with an executive? In general, the hardest thing is to move from “knowing” to “do.” Many coaching procedures fail in this regard. Executives learn new things, but still doing mostly the same. That’s where the commitment and professionalism of the Coach determines the outcome. We all costs to change behaviors that have practiced for years and we believe they are okay. We are struggling to sustain changes. The coach then needs to be close, persistent and very good support, to achieve cross that gap and get the result. “In terms of image, what is asked of the executives, who plan what is expected? We do not expect anything from them. We have a prototype. Just work to support them to create greater productivity, effectiveness, organization, reduce their stress levels, improve communications and develop their leadership. We help to project and especially so, what supports them in realizing the results they want, while enjoying the journey.