Tranquility of Maldives

Maldives – is the first island on which a person begins feel a sense of the extraordinary interior comfort and tranquility. Continue to learn more with: Neil deGrasse Tyson . Admiration of the astonishing variety and mix completely, it would seem, will experience different things European tourists, made a tour to China, which absorbed all the splendor of the Eastern world. On the mainland country has many ancient monuments that have become symbols of the country – the Great Wall, Forbidden City Palace, Buddhist pagodas and parks. Hainan Island – a treasure house of China, a completely different world where everything is unusual: the exotic recipes that reveal the secret of longevity, tea, my mouth tastes if clicked his tongue, the people there and the Miao, who go on red-hot iron and treat illnesses look Nanvan forests where apes ruled by a god, and the mystical Taoist parks. Golden beaches of the South China Sea, the world-famous resorts of Sanya, Haikou and Sanya will give an unforgettable pleasure, especially if you combine a beach holiday with sessions of traditional Chinese medicine, spa or procedures for hot springs Boao, Xinglong, Seven fairies and Nantyan.

In Hainan you can enjoy outdoor activities and to do all kinds of sports. It offers golf, rafting, horseback riding, surfing, diving, safari, helicopter tours, bungee jumping, etc. And the memory of the trip get a unique embroidery on silk, porcelain or fine Jewelry of a copyrighted work of rare pearls and pearl. The collective image of Asia, the country thousands of opportunities, "smile East" – welcome to the many-sided Indonesia, a country of contrasts! Of all her thirteen thousand islands uninhabited more than habitable, it is difficult to distinguish a Hindu temple on the mosque or the church, cutting edge technology of large cities are replaced by scenery and primitive jungle villages.

Dandelion Wine

Here you can pick up a gift to your boss. Actually, there may be only one problem – the problem of choice. Solid gait pass by aircraft models (here you'll be back for his own pleasure later) and buy a solid board box for paper with the logo of the museum on the cover. This massive wooden casket closes on the small key and gives the impression of something confidential and weighty. It does not matter whether the boss to keep the documents out there or just drive the toy, it is important as it will add solidity to his image. With difficulty breaking away from the contemplation of art, so dear man's heart, it's time to think about what you can to please a woman's heart. Right there, all at the same store at the Museum of the Air Force, you bought a cute kulonchik-airplane, but feel that this is not enough to please your romantic half.

But do not worry! There is a technologically advanced of Ohio something that is arguably the quintessence of romance, something that can breathe the magic in any winter evening. This – Dandelion Wine. Admit it, when you read the novel by Ray Bradbury, you probably thought it was fiction, an allegory of a miracle. Maybe at first it was so, but now in Ohio, in Dover Every year a festival of dandelions. Dish of dandelions, crafts from dandelions, paintings, praising this humble flower and wine winery Breytenbah can see and buy it.