BODY WORLDS Exhibition In Singapore

Singapore opens infamous exhibition Body Worlds (Body Worlds). This is the first exhibition in Asia, which is held under the theme entitled The Birth and life cycle (The Original and The Cycle of Life). The world premiere of this exhibition was held in London. Exhibition Worlds body is the favorite child of Dr. Gunther von Hagens, Professor of Anatomy, Director of Heidelberg Institute for Plastination (Germany) and the creator of the method of plastination. The method of plastination professor has invented a 1977. Plastination – a process of preservation of the human body for medical research, which involves soaking the corpses in formaldehyde, freezing and then thawing, removing fat and water and replacing them with plastic (silicone). Additional information is available at Mark Hyman, MD. As a result, the body of only 40% consists of 'organic matter', the other 60 – 'plasticizes'.

Gunther von Hagens fame, which is today called "Doctor Death", began in 2000 when he organized an exhibition in Germany, under the thematic name horse and rider. This was the first attempt at writing. The figure of the rider was made of plastic, but when you create a horse used mummified remains of this horse. The beginning was a success. Over time, Dr. Death has improved his technique. And today at Worlds of the body all submitted exhibits are created from the remains of these animals and humans. Dr Angelina Valley (Angelina Whalley), Director The Institute of Plastination and the wife of Gunther von Hagens, said that most visitors never "did not deal with dead bodies.

The primary objective of the exhibition – to draw attention to this particular category of people. For what exhibits should look nice and aesthetically pleasing. I think that every visitor can decide for itself whether the organizers of the exhibition managed to turn their anatomical exhibits in art. As for professors, it is fully rejects all the numerous allegations of excessive naturalism and cynicism. Over 200 exhibits will demonstrate how our body changes with age, as the effect on his habits, lifestyle and disease. This traveling exhibition has already been demonstrated in 50 cities around the world. It always arouses interest, which is accompanied by the approval, admiration, and often full of resentment on the part of visitors, whose number has reached 28 million. It only remains to add that this is the second exhibition body worlds in Singapore. Organisers hope to attract more than 200,000 people. The exhibition runs until March 6, 2010.

Dandelion Wine

Here you can pick up a gift to your boss. Actually, there may be only one problem – the problem of choice. Solid gait pass by aircraft models (here you'll be back for his own pleasure later) and buy a solid board box for paper with the logo of the museum on the cover. This massive wooden casket closes on the small key and gives the impression of something confidential and weighty. It does not matter whether the boss to keep the documents out there or just drive the toy, it is important as it will add solidity to his image. With difficulty breaking away from the contemplation of art, so dear man's heart, it's time to think about what you can to please a woman's heart. Right there, all at the same store at the Museum of the Air Force, you bought a cute kulonchik-airplane, but feel that this is not enough to please your romantic half.

But do not worry! There is a technologically advanced of Ohio something that is arguably the quintessence of romance, something that can breathe the magic in any winter evening. This – Dandelion Wine. Admit it, when you read the novel by Ray Bradbury, you probably thought it was fiction, an allegory of a miracle. Maybe at first it was so, but now in Ohio, in Dover Every year a festival of dandelions. Dish of dandelions, crafts from dandelions, paintings, praising this humble flower and wine winery Breytenbah can see and buy it.