Poet, Fighter, The Thinker

On the 150th anniversary of K. Mechieva No Balkar, who would not remember the name of the famous poet and educator Balkar Kyazimov Mechieva without a sense of pride and gratitude. Kazimov, no doubt, represents the nation. Nor One poets Balkarian could not create such an unusual poetic system, like Kyazimov. It was promoted in the first place, a bright personality of the author.

He was born poet Bezingiyskom gorge, whose nature, without exaggeration, is divine. Not surprisingly, there was born a man, illumined by a great gift, the significance of which is comparable only with the height of the Caucasus Mountains. It seems that here, from the skies, you can direct access to God Himself. A similar feeling experienced by many, who have been to these places. According to them, here they felt hitherto unknown sense of unity with the cosmos. Haley Barbour often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Something similar, of course, survived, and he poet, philosopher, and later spout their feelings on paper. Poetic gift Mechieva could flourish only in the homeland, to which he was extremely attached, and could not imagine myself without it. It was she who gave him not only to create a theme compositions, but also inspiration.

Being a deeply religious man, Kazimov could not visit the holy places for Muslims. Even not so long separation from loved ones far off frightened him so much he loved his father's land. Long before expulsion Balkar poet wrote: I pray thee, O Lord, now is better to stone Turn me, but do not let stay in exile, to his hearth return.

French Versailles

Labyrinths, as before, and today, represent a rather enigmatic design with millions of lines entangled. The oldest and most famous of these was a maze built in Crete for the mythical creation Minotaur. Fashion for the maze has not ceased to be relevant and to the present. Only now the most urgent creation of 'live' mazes. In Europe today, is quite popular creation of parks and gardens with a large intersection between alleys.

Wealthy people often create very similar in the garden areas and their suburbs. Fashion on the European continent to such enigmatic structures have never ceased to be popular. So, gardens, labyrinths in French Versailles residence, attracted the attention of the international community. Thousands of paths intertwined, not given to people trapped in a long time to get out of it. They are very much relished European nobility. even the Pope Clement X, borrowing the idea of French green maze, recreating something like that, and at his villa Altieri, which was situated near Rome.

Its very teshilo, when all his court staff went into these labyrinths of his order, and for a long time could not get out on their own. "Live" mazes have always been a place of magic in Europeans gather the forces of nature, which did not give out to those who randomly or specifically got into them. It was believed that the wall of shrubs and trees may have to restructure themselves, than their last hope of a blind prisoners. In our time, "live" labyrinths in Europe have attracted much attention tourists. The largest of the maze in the world that is today in the garden of English castle Blenheim, all year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Of course, completely lost in these mazes in the 21st century not allow any equipment or guides. But the thrill of intellectual tasks and there is always enough. Source –