Russian Emperor Nicholas II

Present member of the society from time to time it is difficult to imagine how quickly our world is changing around them. Time itself. What's in a position to be even more erratic. Any of us can compare it with the current sand hourglass, with the current because of the skyline and the river beyond the horizon. By itself, no catch. Or rather, was more elusive in fact not so long ago.

But for over a hundred years of human reality became a thing, making it possible to slow down time if not then, anyway, to preserve its full beauty for the children. This thing is called simply – cinema. Since the beginning of motion picture was divided into two main currents: art movies and documentaries. And in a situation when an artistic film is scheduled to make someone invented the world, the documentary – this is absolutely a special group. It is not only the film – this is really true remaining intact during the time of this reality. This time that has passed and more will come. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Mark Hyman.

But in the documentary film is a fork – in particular the documentary film and chronicled. Documentary has a particular author's position and directed the installation specialist film chronicles record the same – it's only operator that does not affect the validity of which flows in front of his camera. Are similar, for example, the classic documentary films about the war, when military operators themselves were directly involved in all the battles, but not fired, and has engaged the camera to where will be many years moviegoers an opportunity to consider how it could be without fantasy. And, probably, to see relatives and dear, that cruel war could carry off. At this point, most likely the most significant popular among the real fans of documentary film uses archive footage of civil war. Of course, remarkable and quite different from our mode of dress, architectural works, which have not survived to of our time – all this can not attract audiences. In addition to numerous film chronicles a chance to see the faces of people who today have become legend. This Russian Emperor Nicholas II, now numbered among the saints, and directors, and singers whose voices you can listen to today except for old vinyl records. Our time has leaked. Time itself is like an ocean wave that will rush to the beach, pointing at the moment unique picture and immediately taking it in the past. Only documentary films able to capture unique moments of real life, while art save for posterity our illusions and dreams.

Internet Course

We all love to play movies. Almost every one of us has a small (or very large) collection of disks with films that we look at sometimes, share them with friends or simply keep the time. And when still in we have a free minute rush of the day, we sit at the computer, and renounce all pay time entertainment, watch and reviewing your favorite movies. But how to be in a situation where a film that we wanted to would look at us is missing? Of course, my first thought – is to get into the internet and try to download the movie from any site. Most often, we make sure that you want us to be a movie or just buy or have the opportunity to download trailer (demo version).

Of course, most eager to climb to download movies warez sites or torrents, or simply by a normal search, looking for where you can download movies for free. Contact information is here: Carl Rogers. Of course, there are places where download movies for free – no problem. The truth in this case, these sites are on the verge of the law, and they are closing very quickly. By law, the site owner has no right to place in their films so they can be downloaded. But here post links to films – it's completely legal. You always have to remember that the downloaded movie pirate site – it is stolen ruble from the copyright owner. But we with you – not the thieves, and alien to us an approach to this issue. Now, when almost any movie can be bought at any computer store just for 150-200 rubles – foolishly chasing pirate version, which not only the quality may be poor, but they simply are removed for the camera in the hall cinema. So let's not download movies for free from suspicious sites, and only buy licensed products, of course for a reasonable price.

Guarneri Violins

Violin magical musical instrument singing human voice. How magichna her music, as mysterious and magichno its manufacture. How to find a violin maker in Kiev and Ukraine, which will advise and repair violin, viola, cello? What criteria guide the choice of a violin for a child, just a beginner learning to play the stringed bowed instrument, or an adult who has decided to master the game stringed instrument of the soul. Where can I go to buy a tool or vice versa to sell? The problem of selecting and repairing a violin has always been a matter requiring serious multi-tiered approach. In today's world There is a huge selection of violins from cheap Chinese-made up of rare masterpieces of famous artists. Scientists around the world have not agreed where and when the birth occurred string-bow instrument. Turning to the later period of the evolution of stringed instruments can be argued that the modern violin evolved from the violas, very widespread in Europe during the Middle Ages. The process of forming the violin was held in parallel in different countries, its final completion of the classical violin family instruments received in the mid-16th century in Italy and began to replace preceding them bowed instruments all over Europe.

One of the first images of the bow instrument appeared in the first half of the 11th century fresco of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. The centuries-long history of development violin playing has produced not only a talented new manufacturers of violins, but no less important and famous restorers such as Vuillaume, Spidla, Vitachek. The legendary keeper of the collection and expert musical instruments, author of "Essays on the History MANUFACTURING Bow instruments' EF Vitachek trained skill manufacturing and repair violins in Kiev with his uncle, F. Spidla. At Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn you will find additional information. Today in the world There are many well-known organizations and companies involved in the restoration and repair of instruments of violin family of different levels, from Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu, Amati Nicolo to ordinary violin mass factory production. Stringed bowed instrument requires regular routine maintenance and repairs, ongoing monitoring of technical condition and sound. The emergence of many breakdowns and defects can be prevent the timely inspection of a violin maker, restorer. Repairs violins, viola, cello or violin should produce a professional artist and restorer who has appropriate experience and authority in among musicians. The process of restoration, repair and maintenance of instruments of violin family of co-creation is a living violin maker, musician, performer and teacher, learning to play the instrument. We will be happy help to buy, fix and sell the violin, viola, cello, double bass, bows to him in Kiev and Ukraine, as well as advise on matters relating to the selection and purchase of strings, rosin, accessories and carrying cases.

Sports Skating

stand on their feet, the baby is immediately on the skis. That is, I really ran pretty well. And how much I did not convince our fizruka that in life did not deal in any sport, not in what he did not believe and thought I was just lying and Philo, for which I strongly disliked, and whenever possible, try to write to any competition. Once at the gym class, he built the group and announced that no one leaves the room, while forward will not go five, to be involved in the Olympics, the closing of the winter season, competed in speed skating. Fifteen minutes later my consciences reminded me that at the age of three years, I figured were presented skates and I was, as far as I remember, quite cheerfully they skated. In general, we had accumulated such a command and a few days later we went to compete. I was hoping that if will be given a figure skates, I somehow remember how they can run.

Not far from it. Skates they gave us a hefty, long, like skiing – cross country. A leading source for info: Mental Health Care. I got them in the locker room, and my legs are formed immediately inward blades in hand. Hmm … "Probably need to practice before the races" – I thought, and went on the ice.

Locker room was located very conveniently, it kept the ice track, which immediately ended the deadlock. For more information see Celina Dubin. I invented this method of exercise: sets foot flat, pushed herself from the railing stairs, on pure ice … "Girls, – I beg – I rolled up to the launch, please." The girls took me to the two sides under the arms and rolled to the launch. And there just the previous race starts. I recall that was already March, the heat melted the ice. And I can see that carefully walked on the wet track. When I approached the finish line, the referee is not looking at the stopwatch, but only once angrily shouted: "You can go faster?" "I can not, there's wet" – I said, shuffling his shoes turned inside out. Here after this incident I decided that someday I will write his memoirs, "My Life in Sports."

French Versailles

Labyrinths, as before, and today, represent a rather enigmatic design with millions of lines entangled. The oldest and most famous of these was a maze built in Crete for the mythical creation Minotaur. Fashion for the maze has not ceased to be relevant and to the present. Only now the most urgent creation of 'live' mazes. In Europe today, is quite popular creation of parks and gardens with a large intersection between alleys.

Wealthy people often create very similar in the garden areas and their suburbs. Fashion on the European continent to such enigmatic structures have never ceased to be popular. So, gardens, labyrinths in French Versailles residence, attracted the attention of the international community. Thousands of paths intertwined, not given to people trapped in a long time to get out of it. They are very much relished European nobility. even the Pope Clement X, borrowing the idea of French green maze, recreating something like that, and at his villa Altieri, which was situated near Rome.

Its very teshilo, when all his court staff went into these labyrinths of his order, and for a long time could not get out on their own. "Live" mazes have always been a place of magic in Europeans gather the forces of nature, which did not give out to those who randomly or specifically got into them. It was believed that the wall of shrubs and trees may have to restructure themselves, than their last hope of a blind prisoners. In our time, "live" labyrinths in Europe have attracted much attention tourists. The largest of the maze in the world that is today in the garden of English castle Blenheim, all year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Of course, completely lost in these mazes in the 21st century not allow any equipment or guides. But the thrill of intellectual tasks and there is always enough. Source –