Implantation Teeth

Dentistry (St. Petersburg) At all times, people wanted to have a beautiful smile, it's a sign of prosperity and health. The teeth must be protected from an early age, and do it simply because dentistry in St. Petersburg developed at present day very well. Even for small Dete visit to the dentist necessary.

Modern children's dentists in St. Petersburg are able to get along well with children. The correct approach is not vzovet fear the kid in front of a dentist. If pass profilakicheskie inspections, then the baby teeth will not hurt, and with age he will be able to keep them beautiful and zdorovymi.Lechenie dental caries Ochsen frequently teeth are exposed to this disease, like caries. Follow others, such as Michio Kaku, and add to your knowledge base. In Latin caries (caries) – mean caries. Dental hard tissue are destroyed, forming a cavity that is constantly growing. This case, dental treatment should be done on time, otherwise there is a risk of tooth loss.

Outside of the tooth enamel, It consists of minerals and is strong enough. Next comes the dent – it's semi-organic and menne durable than the enamel tissue. Dent is most subject to attack microbes that live in our mouth. These bacteria secrete organichseskie acids that destroy tooth enamel. Even poor nutrition can cause tooth decay. Also cause tooth decay could be heredity and environment. Steffan Lehnhoffs opinions are not widely known. If dental treatment started in the early stages of caries, then such treatment would be more effective and less painful for you. Also do not forget about prevention kariesa.Implantatsiya teeth – the benefits of implantation – is to restore the lost tooth. Implantation before a removable prosthesis has several advantages. Because removable dentures can be uncomfortable and not able to restore full operation for a long time. There are some pros implantation: – Iplantaty solidly and feel like real teeth. – Implants do not damage the adjacent teeth. – Implantation does not preclude the use of prostheses. Learn more about the implant, and about whether it is appropriate for you, you can only in consultation with their doctor.


Gingivitis is expressed in inflamed mucosa of the gums. This disease is an early stage of generalized periodontitis, in which the pathologic process extends to the alveolar bone and periodontium. In the case of a timely and proper treatment, gingivitis can still achieve a full resumption of periodontal tissue. At the beginning of the disease runs imperceptibly, and patients sometimes do not pay attention to his symptoms. Gum dense, has a pink or pale pink gum edge scalloped, fits snugly to your teeth. This is a hidden (initial) stage. Subjectively, patients felt itching, burning, weakness in the gums, tingling, aching, especially morning. To get rid of these feelings have a desire to squeeze the teeth.

The first sign of periodontitis is "groundless" the movement of teeth: the nomination forward, the appearance of the spaces between them, rotating around its axis, change of position in the wells. When clamping jaw is broken relative position of the teeth, which becomes the cause of overload. Quite often observed in periodontitis gingival hemorrhage. Bleeding occurs during tooth brushing, for biting and chewing raw vegetables and fruits, breads, etc. In the more pronounced changes in periodontal tissues on the pillow after sleeping detect traces of blood or ichor.

At this stage, the emerging halitosis. Sometimes, early symptoms of the disease progresses very slowly, and patients do not pay attention to them, which contributes to worsening of the disease. Gums eventually swells and becomes red, enhanced bleeding. Without proper timely treatment gingivitis progresses. Pain gets worse when chewing and takes aching character. Interdental papillae and the edge of the gums swell, become bright red coloration, becoming friable, bleeding from the slightest touch. Gingival margin, which normally adheres to the teeth tightly behind as a result of significant edema. In this case, between the tooth and gum pocket formed an extensive, reaching depths of 3-4 mm after the destruction of inflammatory round ligament of the tooth. With pressure on the gingiva allocated cloudy yellow liquid containing microbes ottorgshiesya epithelial cells, pus, food remnants. Usually at this time disease begins abundant deposition of tartar or plaque. With the development of gingivitis compounded early manifestations and new: bad breath, severe pain when chewing. Gum tissues become friable and bleed at the slightest touch. Sometimes patients experience numbness in the gums, do not feel the teeth, resulting in coordination of movements of jaws broken. Saliva from the impurity of blood from infected gums becomes brown or brown. Because of excessive bleeding from the gums patients often stop brushing your teeth, thus unwittingly contributing to the further continuation of the pathological process. Pathological mobility Teeth, pain, suppuration of the periodontal pockets, recurrent acute inflammatory process, usually cause tooth extraction. Loss of teeth leads to an overload of the remaining, and hence progression of the disease. Thus, the vicious circle – the process progresses, the tooth number of intensely deformed, increasing overload of the remaining teeth, which in turn leads to loss of teeth. For resumption of the masticatory apparatus becomes necessary prosthesis, which is hampered by the destruction of the alveolar process.