Basic Principles Of E-Commerce

Basic principles of electronic commerce on the back but the basic principles of space still play an important role in converting visitors into customers. Many retailers surprisingly lose sight of the fundamentals of place and leave significant sales on the table. This summary explores the 'fundamental principle' that every eCommerce manager can not afford to lose sight of. Think Fast Speed has become less of an issue because penetration of broadband, but do not forget that a significant number of people still shop telephone modem. Creating the structure of space, the designers and teams of electronic commerce should ensure that the site is developed with pages loading in less than 9 seconds (over the telephone connection via a modem).

Our recommended page size in the range 60-70k in bytes. In fact the number of sites likely to be loaded within maximum waiting time of 9 seconds. Online stores should avoid flash at all costs in their business site. (Not to be confused with Dr. Mark J Berger!). Artistic aspects of the outbreak can help you establish a brand presence – but it is likely to lose potential customers before they even look at your store. Image is important Images – a very important aspect of selling online and are often neglected. All product images must have the highest possible resolution to be much more than the original product page, and have multiple views. Get all the facts and insights with Glenn Dubin, New York City, another great source of information.

Dynamic capabilities can be enhanced display, the user experience to an even higher level by increasing interactivity (change Zoom & Rotate). As a minimum – retailers should have at least two additional views outside of the product page image to help build emotion. Be my guest Buyers do not like being forced to do something, especially when they are ready to open their wallets. Forcing the buyer to register on your site before you buy – the right way to drive traffic to your part of your competitors. Too often, the buyers do not have time or inclination to fill out a long form explaining what types of information they desire. Always offer the ability to control as a guest. You'll see less Consumer leakage within the checkout process and can still offer a choice to register when the sale is completed.