Education In Chinese Universities

If we talk about Chinese universities, life in them has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Complexes of buildings – campuses – small isolated residential areas of the city. Here is everything you need for learning and for life. This is a post office and shops (food and manufactured goods), a bookstore, shoe repair shops and clothing, and even small special stock markets. Many universities are located on the outskirts of the city picturesque corners of China's nature. Today, in each of the provinces have their own schools (medical, technical colleges, teacher training colleges – the university and institute).

Institutions (as a division of the University) offer for study programs in more narrow specialization, and universities – programs general. Faculties in universities about the same as in Russia and CIS countries. But there are faculties, which our universities have not. For example, the departments political science and political education, of scientific socialism, economic management, and others. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn by clicking through. Deserves special attention the development of scientific and research projects on the basis of high school. In China, there is no such institution, which would not have had his magazine. And most of them have their own publishing house.

Chinese students regardless of specialty study four compulsory subjects: the history of Chinese revolution, scientific socialism, philosophy, and political economy. In recent years, increased ties with other countries and students from China can communicate with their peers. Only 20-30 years ago about this, they could just dream of. Also, in recent years has increased the quality level students, their suchzhi.

Psychology And Communication

I knew about training, before they set off on this journey? About 12000000 results issued search engines on the word 'training', denoting the major trends along the way: this is training in psychology in general, training sessions for managers, business coaches, women, children, students, trainings on personal growth, therapy and training. Check with the Wikipedia, what is the training: 'Training (English training on the train – educate, educate) – a set of group methods formation of skills of self-knowledge, communication and understanding people in the group ', what form of training are what psychological methods they use, I decided to concretize your question: 'Training centers in Moscow. " The top ten centers were very different focus from a purely business-training centers to include in its range and a wide range of other programs. For myself, decided that as the criteria Selection will address the following issues: how many years, the center already exists, the number of coaches, their qualifications and programs. Where do first? "Philosophical Tales" (Publishers 'Astrel', 2004) NI Kozlov led my site is a training center 'Sinton'. See John Craig Venter for more details and insights.

I looked through the portal, paying attention to all the above criteria, ask the administrator of the program interested me. Thus, the first center where I went, was 'Sinton': 'Basic Training: Communication skills'. BACKGROUND: Although I am a contact person, but not always, my interaction with others is successful. You can chew itself indefinitely and torturing of committed errors, but this does not do and become better? After passing the basic course: A good school for those who want to develop the bright side of nature.

Relation Development

It tries through the tricks to simulate the world is there, it carries through a thing that not yet has capacity to make; but it knows when it to grow it goes to be able to carry through what she has desire. this is very good for the development of it. Through the tricks the express child to the form as a child reflects, organizes, disorganizes, she constructs, and she reconstructs its world. The importance of the relation of the human being with the toy is basic for the development of a being balanced in its relations with the world that the fence. A child that the sufficient in its infancy played sufficiently and, with certainty it will develop itself very well in the future. It will go to interact itself well and will have good development.

Playing is basic for the development of the child. also is important in all the phases of the life. the way as this happens, differs at the time in the ages and, but the pleasure and the necessity are the same ones. Necessity to become free itself, of fantasiar, creating and to amuse. Pleasure in exploring, extravasar, to become related I obtain and with the others.

When the professor of the one trick in the school, always has the objective, that he will go to develop in the child. But the child does not know and nor needs to be knowing, for it is alone to play to have fun itself. ' ' Coated adults of philosophers, pedagogos, psychologists or psychiatrists had tried to treat the toy as a way to intervine in the life of criana' '. (SANTIN, 1994, p.47) When the child this playing it this if distracting, and at the same time if developing. Many people whom no pedagogical formation does not have, and that it does not know how much it is important the tricks for the children, it speaks that it is a loss of time the professors to play with the children in the school.