Service Health

The concern with the ambient question becomes its management the main key for the quality of the health and the environment. Learn more about this topic with the insights from John Craig Venter. This if verifies for the vast amount of legislaes and existing bibliographical references, that praise behaviors of management of the residues in the places where services are given to the health (RABBIT, 2000). The handling sanitarily adjusted of the residues of health services is basic for the maintenance of the ambient quality and the health in such a way of the professionals who work in places where if they generate these residues as to the patients in rest.

The So Paulo Association of Control of Hospital Infection – it carried through studies, indicating that the determinative causes of occurrences in users of the medical services are (a) 50% had to the disequilibrium of the bacterial flora of the body of the weak patient already; (b) 30% had to the unpreparedness of the professionals who give medical assistance; (c) 10% had the installations inadequate physics, that provide the linking between septic and not septic considered areas, making possible the ambient contamination, and (d) 10% had to the bad management of the solid residues of the health services. (APCIH, 1999) Considering the hospital area as great generator of residues for the environment and searching adequacy the effective Resolutions? RDC 306/ANVISA and RDC 358/CONAMA, is that this objective project the implantation of the Program of Management of the Residues of the Service of Health in the unit of Ready Attendance of Arthur Walnut, State of So Paulo. According to Chistforo, for the implantation of the management if it makes necessary the survey of as the management of the residues currently in the Ready Attendance is made. Through the survey it is aimed at to guide the management for three principles: to reduce, to segregate and to recycle, following the example of the Center of Integral Attention to the Health of the Woman? CAISM, of the Unicamp. ..

Sustainable Development

Of one it forms more critical the proposals of the Desenvolvimentosustentvel, Macedo (apud I REBEL, 1998, P. 17 and 18) describes: The paradigmtica crisis that involves sustentabilidadepercorre three decades without if pass of the rhetoric for the practical one. The momentoatual is configured as one transistion moment, therefore we attend a frenesicultural, with systematic espocar of new philosophies, theories and ideologies, that conform, without a doubt the amplest cultural mosaic identified nahistria human being (that) it possesss some interesting particularitities (e) acapacidade of convergence in some aspects that them are basic: the melhoriada quality of life of the man, the conservation of the environment, operacionalizaodo will and the right to information. In this development the life of planetacomo is involved in such a way the set of the interactions and interdependences understood in ciclosbio-geo-chemistries beyond the ecological processes which the humanarepresenta life only one part. When it is treated to assure the ambient citizenship, noentendimento of Maimon (1993), one of the objectives central offices of the desenvolvimentosustentvel, does not intend to defend that the society human being precisenecessariamente to stop with the development economic, this if faznecessrio not to prevent the ambient damages. She is necessary to think about the desenvolvimentoeconmico, but of form that is ambiently sustainable, that is, not secontraponha to the ambient citizenship. The development understands processes of related growth and detroca between itself that they express an aspiration for a sociedademelhor.