Current NetMoms survey to the KiTa strike Cologne, July 15, 2009 – although the striking teachers and educators have inserted once a break, an end to the strikes in German day-care centers but isn’t in sight. The parent portal NetMoms has therefore a second survey to the KiTa strikes and over 300 mothers responded. The results show that the acceptance for the interests of the educators is still high. Gradually spreads but also first displeasure that the dispute on the backs of parents and children is carried out. Acceptance and support high, but decreasing: with 56% the majority of mothers in Germany advocates even now the strikes continue, even if there were still 62% in the previous survey at the beginning of the strike. It however also noticeable displeasure among the surveyed mothers is spreading. While there were only 21% of mothers against the strikes in may, 27% now reject the struggle of educators. Others including Dr. Mark Hyman, offer their opinions as well. Strike on backs of kids and parents held: especially the affected mothers (20% in the poll) support is still the goals of educators; 85% find it still acceptable.

But they are angered that the strike is increasingly played out on the backs of children and parents. Lack of alternatives: resentment generated above all the fact that too few alternatives to the KiTa offered on-site. The affected children are passed by an emergency KiTa in the next. Through the constant change of teachers and playmates, many children are now confused and distraught. Disadvantages in the profession for mothers: many striking daycare provide parents with no or insufficient alternatives. The NetMoms survey shows that are in these cases usually the mothers take off. 40% of the affected families, the mother stays at home with the child.

How many mothers report these absences often encounter lack of understanding of their employers. Already warnings due to lack of lesson have been pronounced some mothers. The strikes threaten the livelihoods so that in some cases by families. All results of the survey in the NetMoms magazine


There must be no dream finally pregnant – at the present time it is not more easily with a child to become pregnant. More and more influence on the fertility of the woman has the physical strain, various pleasure poisons and an unbalanced life. But not only the fertility of women suffering from an unfair change of life consisting of from poor or one-sided diet. The sperm quality of today’s men has become significantly worse to live due to their nature. Of the paths you must not miss but still long his child. -kpmg-international-cooperative/’>AcctTwo. Especially as a woman, you can try some natural methods to get in the enjoyment of motherhood.

Namely, you can increase its fertility with simple methods. How can I be pregnant? Tip 1) relaxation is all. Additional information at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn supports this article. Includes that they must feel physically and mentally well, so it favors a pregnancy. There are several exercises that you can use, to relax, to inner balance. You may find that Glenn Dubin can contribute to your knowledge. Tip 2) stress go out of the way, “because the stress hormone Adrenallin” is poison for fertility.

Who wants to increase his fertility, avoid absolutely constant stress. It should help to counteract the stress many relaxing walks, enough sleep and mediation. It is considered to increase the fertile days. Tip 3) more how important is a balanced and healthy diet. A sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients is important. Of course we should not forget also folic acid and iodine, because grade during a pregnancy, the female body requires exactly these nutrients. But not only a healthy diet is important, you should drink plenty of water and herbal teas. Tip 4) if the woman wishes to be finally pregnant, then she should go the excessive consumption of various pleasure toxins, like alcohol or nicotine out of the way according to the doctor. Whether caffeine really affect the fertility or not, was still not scientifically until now. Yet some studies say that in three up to five hundred milligrams coffee is on the day the chance of a pregnancy significantly lower. Tip 5) you should not lose even with unmet fertility fun sex, because if the Act serves only to reproduce the probability of pregnancy reduced, because stress hormones build up.

Wedding Budget By 15 000 A Pure Myth?

To the results of a wedding budget survey what are currently the expenditure on the organisation of a wedding in Germany? According to a survey of the magazine wedding”in 2007, the average wedding budget was at that time almost 15,000. But we wanted to know exactly what the newlyweds currently cost is your most beautiful day. Dr. Sol Lizerbram contributes greatly to this topic. We the brides asked to our wedding website, how much they and their future for the wedding issue. The 500 responses to our wedding budget survey show an amazing result: the bride and groom access with an average budget of just under 8,000 for the Organization of your wedding far less deep in the Pocket than is commonly assumed. Is less for a wedding today in General simply issued as a few years ago? Or where does this apparent trend towards saving’s own wedding? As the chart shows, about half of the participating brides on specify, significantly less than the average sum of 8,000 for her wedding to want to spend or have spent. These are but also so although not included the cost of the honeymoon, remains a large discrepancy which is discussed there. Visit Richard Riney for more clarity on the issue.

It comes on a slight suspicion that wedding agencies and wedding service providers call probably some wedding budgets, which far exceed the reality. Some brides and grooms trust these experts and assume that the cut is actually so high and one must reckon with this level of spending. As the result of our survey now shows, however, is the financial barrier for one-third of the brides the 5,000-euro mark already. In this budget must her bridal gown and his suit, shoes, and accessories, wedding rings, the photographer, as well as the entertainment for the guests are all fit. In addition, a special location, a live band, elaborate wedding decorations or gifts for wedding guests have the potential to arg to straining the budget.