Public Security

At this time, the ONU had 118 country-members only passing to 192.3 CONSIDERAES FINAISPor all the displayed motivations, is understood that even so Brazil has undertaken actions directed to the improvement of the health indices, education and Public security guard, for the effective guarantee of the Human Rights, verifies itself that the outcry of the society is vehement. The actions promoted for the governments are insufficient and inefficient the point to cause dissatisfaction such that suppresses the expectation of the society, leading the public politics of security to the discredit. The result is an incessant search of the society for new actions directed to the promotion, protection, recovery and development of the public Security, molding an incapable circle of if breaching for will politics of the Brazilian governing. In new article, to be published briefly, new sources on the subject will be displayed, which does not have the pretension to suppress or esgotar..