River Water

Would sit in this place for an hour, trying all the bait and wiring (sometimes it gives a result), but spinning fishing requires a dynamic, with float. Go ahead, comfortable place: the fields, the river flows smoothly, no snags, a gentle slope, clean sand, nothing prevents reflux. But is such a place can be a pike? "Yes, for anything in the world! "- tell us all the same feeling of fishing, and we go past, and the pike looks at us from the water and laugh at such frivolity. But still such a place, as would be desirable, do not pay much attention on one or two casts, we do not fall apart, and farther out. Following places: trees hang their branches over the water, and roots have lost somewhere at the bottom, they may soon fall, as long as it is a real pike house. But how to do casting? Interfere with the branch.

Movement of this ship tackle just a few meters away, but it's enough important to be quiet and avoid a "plop". Barely had time to touch on the lure of water – like a stroke, the surge and you're standing at a loss. Did not expect? That's the point, fishing should not think that the more expensive gasoline, or from a plasma panel Ivanov, and that we catch fish and do not gape at the sweeps. Can and will be upset, you can even try to throw again, but result is probably not bring.