Maintain Air Conditioning

For that to understand that the air conditioner, the most in need of care, we explain its design: The design, the most common, at the moment, the air conditioner – split system consists of two blocks – the external and Internal. The external unit includes a compressor, a radiator – the condenser, and a fan to blow all of the system. The inner unit consists of a radiator – the evaporator and fan, which, blowing the radiator, evaporator, creates a stream of cold air. Another part of the indoor unit often includes an ionizer and various filters. Between an external and internal components are connected, except for electrical wires and even copper tubes, on which flows Freon (liquid at room temperature, which turns to gas, taking the heat).

So, when in the indoor unit, the air by the fan is sucked out of the room, he passes through the filters, which settles the dust and germs. If the filters are not cleaned at least twice or three times a year (during the use of air conditioners, and best of all to make such a service the air conditioner 2 times a month), then the air conditioner may become stable source of infection that will infect the whole family. Filters are located under the front panel. Instructions for the removal of filters can always be found in the manual split – the system. To clean the filter sufficiently Rinse with warm water and dry.

Done is not complicated. In addition to the source of germs and bacteria, dirty air conditioner filters, lead to the fact that blowing the radiator, the evaporator of the indoor unit is deteriorating, reduced cooling air in the room and starts freezing ice on the pipeline. After turning off the air conditioner with it will drip water from melted ice Another problem any split – the system – not a quality beading pipeline, with installation and as a consequence of leakage of refrigerant from the system. In general, if any, the highest quality installation of a leak is inevitable. It can reach 7-8% per year and to determine independently the leak is impossible – Freon is odorless. But we can recognize the following characteristics: formation of frost or ice on the Pipe fittings of the outdoor unit, there are connected to copper pipes, as well as insufficient cooling air in the room. Fill the conditioner with Freon, can only master during the service split – the system. In addition to filling the master must clean the external unit of lint and dust, the condition of lubricating the fan. Therefore, until you have 2-3 years free warranty services do not hesitate to ask for a mandatory service for air conditioners, masters, 2 times a year, before the warm season and early frosts. Reprints and use of articles prohibited!