World Health Organization

Mistakes, misunderstandings, misconceptions, deferred or unreasonable decisions of any adult family member similar to the weed seeds, tossed once. Anyway, they germinate and sprout, that make us bitterly exclaim: "Who taught you this? Why did you do that? Why do you have that? ". Express grievances and claims her child is like shouting accusations, standing in front of the mirror, dear parents. All that we saw there, all that we admire, all that annoys us – the result of our labors, our estimates, our results What is a healthy, beautiful and successful child? Is it not true: each has its own image before his eyes, his ideas. But mankind has lived for many years and successfully exploring yourself, allowing even the most complicated concepts clear definitions. So, by definition, the World Health Organization and health – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. With the universal positions intelligent, cheerful, physically healthy child is always beautiful. Successful – that means a purposeful, positive, controlling all the scope of his life, harmonious development of man.

Many of us can add to these definitions, but does not refute. Do you agree? So what do we as parents can and should give their children so that they can justify our rainbow expectations and hopes? The most important thing is the absolute love and acceptance of their child. Not "crazy mother's love, and very wise, without criticism, without overprotective, love – the dignity of his toddler from the first days of life, love – support in any situation, love is without comparisons and labels, love without fear, love without the dictates of parental rights, and stereotypes.