Shandong Coal

Crusher industry makes constant structural adjustment Currently, under the strong support of a series of national policy, Guizhou, Shanxi, Shandong and other coal-rich regions have carried out adjustment on development pattern, promoting the trend of mergers and acquisitions, transformation and upgrading in coal industry. The crusher industry is the core driving force in the coal industry, we need to pay attention to the dynamic, strengthen the capability of independent innovation and scientific and technological progress so that we can firmly grasp the opportunity to get better. Coal market demand substantially increases, industry development and investment s arises, the size of the mining machinery industry is also expanding. But coal prices suddenly drop dramatically and substantial inventory increases, so the coal industry gets into a difficult period and the competitive pressures for crusher industry increases. Add to your understanding with Ultra Wellness Center. Therefore, the industry begin to implement green mining and build ecological coal mines; and rely on building a large modern coal mine and the safe and efficient mine, eliminating backward production capacity, and taking other measures to increase the integration of the coal industry adjustment efforts to promote the healthy development of the coal industry. Facing the good opportunities of coal industry is consolidating and accelerating, crusher industries also continue to carry out structural adjustments, introduces state-of-the-art technical level, build quality crusher equipment and lay a solid foundation for the crusher industry prance. Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. as a professional mining machinery leader through continuous innovation and R & D, integrates world-class science and technology and produces various types of cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crushing station, which not only to meet the development of coal resources and improve production efficiency; but also have advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, reducing environmental pressures. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steffan Lehnhoff. The crusher industry will also keep up with the pace of the times trend, research and develop high-tech, build world brand, maximize economic efficiency and competitiveness, thus speeding the integration of the coal industry.

Associated Gas Cleaning

PNG – a natural gas accompanying oil and released during its production (methane, ethane, propane, butane and other more rare). Associated gas – an inexpensive and effective type of fuel. Associated gas is a byproduct of oil, a mixture of gases and vapors of hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon components released from oil wells and oil from the reservoir at its separation. To make effective use of associated gas should not prevent its losses associated with the unpreparedness of the infrastructure for its collection, preparation, transportation and processing, lack of consumer. According to geological characteristics distinguish incidental gas gas caps and gases dissolved in oil.

Natural and associated gas is widely used as fuel in power plants, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, cement and glass industries as a raw material for organic compounds during synthesis, etc. (Similarly see: Carl Rogers). Natural and associated gas are also used in everyday life for the system utilities. To clear the associated gas use different settings. Purification of associated gas – is a complex high-tech process. Distinguish the following basic methods of treatment of associated gas.

– Associated gas chemisorption cleaning – Cleaning of associated gas by natural sinks – Cleanup of associated gas combination sinks – Clean gas from the use of oxidation processes – adsorption associated – Method for purification of associated gas cleaning Sulfurex chemisorption of associated gas. The main advantage of the chemisorption processes is high and reliable purification of gas from the acidic components of the low absorption of the hydrocarbon component of feed gas. As used caustic hemosorbentov sodium and potassium, alkali metal and most commonly – alkanolamines. Purification of associated gas by natural sinks. In the physical processes sour gas stripping is due to physical dissolving them in used absorbent. The higher partial pressures of the components, the higher their solubility. The components of physical absorbents are esters of mono-and polyethylene glycols, for example, diethyl ether ethylene glycol, diethyl ether, triethylene glycol ethers, etc. These do not cause corrosion of equipment, completely miscible with water and not hydrolyzed. Purification of associated gas combined sinks. For mixed Physical and chemical absorbents peculiar intermediate values of solubility of the acid components gaza.Ochistka associated gas with the oxidation processes. Another option for clean natural gas from minor content of H2S is a technology based on chemical transformation of hydrogen sulfide in slightly soluble in water sulfide. This technology allows purification of associated gas deep and selective treatment from hydrogen sulfide gas, uses environmentally friendly reagents, excludes the use of energy-intensive purification . associated gaza.Adsorbtsionnye processes are mainly used in cases where required to achieve very low concentrations of sulfur compounds in the treatment of associated gas gaze.Metod Sulfurex.Nalichie hydrogen sulfide in natural and associated petroleum gas (APG), leads to great difficulties in industrial development oil and gas fields. This is due to the high cost of most installations desulfurization and concomitant infrastructure. The process of desulfurization Sulfurex is designed for small and medium volumes of gas.