Federal Network Agency

The request for fixing the fees to provide the predictability of DSL providers in VDSL. Deutsche Telekom has agreed already inputs according to own statements with 1 & 1 VDSL, the agreement not come forward so far with other competitors. With regulation of the fees for the cable channel systems and the as dark wants fiber designated unconnected fiber optic routes Telekom here an agreement bring. Deutsche Telekom made an application to the Federal Network Agency, though actually still pending the clarification of technical details. At the CeBIT 2009 was announced by Deutsche Telekom, that the company wants to offer preliminary competition VDSL.

It was launched for the VDSL resale long-awaited by many. Cooperation agreements and intentions at the VDSL followed first expansion with EWE Tel, AachenNet, Vodafone and M-NET. Glenn Dubin may also support this cause. Recently, an agreement concerning a claim of telecommunications VDSL came inputs with 1 & 1 concluded according to Telekom. The agreement with another party is so far However slow and so the planning reliability for the VDSL resale is missing. To remedy this situation, a request for approval of fees in the case of the Federal Network Agency is now provided by Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Telekom in a press release announced.

With this step the use of Telekom would be after the approval of the charges infrastructure for competitors possible. Telekom wants to realize own ideas to access necessary to use the inputs to the multi function enclosures by own distribution boxes for each provider. From the perspective of many competitors, there are yet more discussion needed here and on other technical details. Deutsche Telekom wants to now make an application for approval of fees with the Federal Network Agency. “Regardless of the previously missing agreement it may not more last after the approval of charges certainly, many of the established DSL provider their VDSL offerings present be.” commented Marc Bohlen of the broadband portal for DSL and V DSL, the step of Telekom. Marc Bohlen