Russian Emperor Nicholas II

Present member of the society from time to time it is difficult to imagine how quickly our world is changing around them. Time itself. What's in a position to be even more erratic. Any of us can compare it with the current sand hourglass, with the current because of the skyline and the river beyond the horizon. By itself, no catch. Or rather, was more elusive in fact not so long ago.

But for over a hundred years of human reality became a thing, making it possible to slow down time if not then, anyway, to preserve its full beauty for the children. This thing is called simply – cinema. Since the beginning of motion picture was divided into two main currents: art movies and documentaries. And in a situation when an artistic film is scheduled to make someone invented the world, the documentary – this is absolutely a special group. It is not only the film – this is really true remaining intact during the time of this reality. This time that has passed and more will come. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Mark Hyman.

But in the documentary film is a fork – in particular the documentary film and chronicled. Documentary has a particular author's position and directed the installation specialist film chronicles record the same – it's only operator that does not affect the validity of which flows in front of his camera. Are similar, for example, the classic documentary films about the war, when military operators themselves were directly involved in all the battles, but not fired, and has engaged the camera to where will be many years moviegoers an opportunity to consider how it could be without fantasy. And, probably, to see relatives and dear, that cruel war could carry off. At this point, most likely the most significant popular among the real fans of documentary film uses archive footage of civil war. Of course, remarkable and quite different from our mode of dress, architectural works, which have not survived to of our time – all this can not attract audiences. In addition to numerous film chronicles a chance to see the faces of people who today have become legend. This Russian Emperor Nicholas II, now numbered among the saints, and directors, and singers whose voices you can listen to today except for old vinyl records. Our time has leaked. Time itself is like an ocean wave that will rush to the beach, pointing at the moment unique picture and immediately taking it in the past. Only documentary films able to capture unique moments of real life, while art save for posterity our illusions and dreams.