Financial Planning

? Mapping of the fixed costs: All the costs that if repeat monthly, as account of light, water, telephone, TV, broad band, etc.? Mapping of the changeable costs: They are the expenses that happen exporadicamente, as expenditures with vehicles, insurances, IPVA, etc.? It criticizes its expenditures: It writes down/mapeie the expenditures and it evaluates each one of them to identify possible exageros. It keeps and it manages its flow of box: Independently if the budget is personal or enterprise one of the most important tools is the box flow. A box flow that brings the daily balance aid in the decisions. An example is the acquisition of a financed car. How to know if the chosen parcel fits or not in the budget, mainly why the financiers offer long stated periods? Having one financial planning, where the prescriptions and expenditures for determined period are mapeados, can be made simulation in the flow of box with diverse values and be verified the moments where the balance is negative. He is obvious that as described in our article ‘ ‘ Tips for a budget equilibrado’ ‘ , it keeps at sight money for purchases. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn is open to suggestions. It makes provision for the future: Knowing that at some moments it will have expenditures that they can compromise the budget, as of the start of the year: IPVA, IPTU, pertaining to school material, if plan anticipatedly, saving resources monthly not to have that to make use of high values of one alone time. It makes use of the technology: To keep control manual in notebooks, post-its, etc., is praiseworthy, but inefficient, mainly in the current times where we have the technology to our side.

We can initiate the planning with spread sheets for the cases simplest. For a more refined control the use of programs is essential. They offer diverse functionalities that they facilitate the daily accompaniment (he sees our program). It has disciplines Independent of everything what it was written until here, the factor most important is to have disciplines. Nothing does not advance to follow all the previous steps, spending time and, not to keep the brought up to date data. First because to take not trustworthy decisions on the basis of given it brings an enormous risk of errors, causing damages. Second because it is desmotivante to have that to all remake the process since the beginning. Many give up. To keep the planning is more easy. Complementary information Our article on balanced budget. Commentary of Mauro Halfeld – CBN – on Brazilian budget spends R$ 1,000 to the year with coffee is of house Visits:.

Psychological Development

– Of Organic cause: also divided in cerebral direct and indirect cause organic. In the ones of direct organic cause, the cranioenceflicos traumas are placed, that can happen of some types of serious accidents, between them of transit and of the work. Of cerebral indirect organic cause, they are originary of other agencies sistmicos, but that they produce manifestations neuropsquicas, as are the case of the endocrinolgicos riots (hipertireoidismo and hipotireoidismo), dismetablicos (diabetes, heptica insufficience and others) and of occupational poisonings, as it occurs in the exposition the neurotxicos products (mercury, lead, manganese, monxido of carbon and others). Riots of Psychic Etiology: thus called had its etiology to be predominantly psychological, meeting divided in reactions and psychological developments. – Psychological Reactions: they appear after a traumatic event soon, therefore, keep chronological relation with it, being cited here as example, the depressive reactions, the attacks of panic and crises of psicomotora agitation. Former rape, sequestration, sexual abuse. – Psychological Development: thus they are called by installing itself of gradual form and can be presented of simple form (apathy, revolt, abulia) or of form paranide (persecutory ideas and neuroses).

Quantitative riots. – Deficient Mental: called of mental retardation, occurring in the individual a comprometimento of the global level of intelligence, being classified in agreement the gravity, in light, moderate, serious and deep retardation. – Upheavals of Personality: they are individuals that present inflexible and badly adaptativos traces of personality, causing serious damages, in the social functioning, occupational, or a subjective anxiety (VAL and GAVIRIA, 1990). They are divided in paranide, esquizide, histrinicos, anancstica and others. Neurovegetativas reactions: Carrying patients of psychosomatic upheavals, that represented in the cardiovascular system can cause: coronariopatia, arterial hipertenso and cardiac arrhythmia, in the respiratory system for the brnquica asthma and syndrome of hyperventilation, in the gastrointestinal system for the peptic ulcer and ulcerativa colite, in the system esqueltico muscle for artrite reumatide.