The System

Clear that always there are small problemitas, but who worries about them .? The system of how to recover a lost love I transform the system is transforming the life. Appeared I to some of the great secrets on me, my pair and our relation. I know that it is certain, but when I watch backwards the life was so boring and sad. In recent months, cardiologist has been very successful. Finally I have included/understood the secret of a life happy. I feel very lucky. Before I was totally unconscious of the needs and exigencies of my pair: When I watch fodder in &quot backwards; the idiot who was " I always treated the things reason why tapeworm less interest. This system allowed to understand its mood me.

In truth " that idiot I was " The System of how to recover a lost love is an arsenal of secrets Before used to act in autopilot, did not have an idea and, finally, my relation crashed. It did not have nor idea on the handling of a relation it damages and it. This system helped to understand the problems me and also it helped to repair the damage until now me done. Those secrets are very different from the traditional approach that it is based so deeply on the unstable mind. Today I am really a different person and I enjoy a very happy life. The life that once soe If it is reading this and you face similar problems, please analyzes the System of how recovering a lost love. It worked for me and I am sure that also it will work for you, you are O-Man woman.

Why? , because I not recomendaria it if he would not have proven it same. You do not allow that the things are estresantes, painful and ugly. It is time to bring again to your pair to your life. The life is empty without the love. Revisalas now. Like recovering a lost love.

Who Does Not Want To Be Happy And Eternal ?

Question: If Kabbalah offers us a means to develop their eternal soul, as if we choose from their two states: an 'I' – a beautiful, rich, healthy, young and everlasting, and the other 'I' – the weak, temporary, mortal – then why people are so hard to accept it? Answer: Do we choose? If your selfishness provided to choose between good and bad state – you would certainly chose well. If they give you a choice of full glass and empty – You would no doubt prefer to complete. It's not called a choice – you just are acting according to its nature and can not otherwise. If you suddenly makes the wrong choice – then you're mistaken or ill. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is the place to go. That is, there is no freedom of choice.

But the problem is that this opportunity: to become a healthy, beautiful, perfect and eternal – obscured from your wall, hide, and you do not see this state, you do not feel in his egoistic desire. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. This earthly life, I feel and see what it can be enjoyed – albeit this time, but at least understandable. Such pleasures endorses my ego, my animal body, my 'I', all my relatives, all of which I linked, the public opinion – so live the whole this world! And then suddenly I suggest something that I have neither the desire nor the support from others – how can I choose? It is clear that I will stay with their animal interests. Therefore, we must develop a desire to the hidden part which is called 'desire to return. " This is something completely new, and when you open your it, it will be a completely different world, another reality.

And you yourself will be different, because razovesh a new sense organs and new desires! You just rassechesh itself in two distinct boundary: on one hand – everything what you have today, and everything is new – on the other hand, without any connection with one another. And what will you have with this new hand – and will be called the soul. But you have to develop this system of only one point which is at you now – not having any reference point and direction. And the problem is that you do not see what you win! It is impossible to see in your ego. And if you think that you are now in their egoism see a spiritual world, and you want it – and then you see all of the same material world! You only think that he belongs to the spiritual, but in fact it's all material. But all this false, illusory the picture you want to just use it to build true. Michael Laitman source –

In Ireland

Danes. They believe that the contents of the gift boxes – is not important, more important – words in this dear and beloved man, and the solemnity of the surroundings. For any gift of New Year's Eve always included a candle of any size and shape, aroma, or odorless. It is a symbol of particles warmth and tenderness, which passes from the giver himself to someone is a gift. Children do not find any gifts under the tree or over the fireplace – they have a good try to find them in the most unpredictable location in the house – Is an indispensable part of New Year's ritual in this country.

Irish. As you know, it's very faithful nation. Children raised in such a way that the gifts and sweets in the New Year to get is not as important as a little angel or a figurine of Jesus or Mary. Adults also are traditionally exchanged festive envelopes with money, so that particular dream and choose the gifts they do not have. If a family goes to another visit on New Year's, then necessarily carries with it some kind of signature dish and a bottle or two of expensive wine. In Ireland, there is also a tradition to bestow on Christmas or New Year money gifts of those people who, one way or another, provided help and support during the past year.

This may be the personal doctor, the postman or a lawyer. Italians. Be sure to make a small but costly a present a bottle of good wine.