Martial Arts

The problem with many involved in various martial arts, including melee combat, is that the adept of a combat style, even when well-trained technically and tactically in a real combat situation (On the street, at the entrance or in the stairwell) is unable to apply their knowledge in the field of martial arts and often loses. What’s the matter? Experts estimate the outcome of battle by 80% depending on the psychological superiority. In my opinion, this figure is greatly understated. It all starts in your head. Long before the start of the conflict in his mind a man decides for himself, he won or lost. It is not necessary in this case to blame the unfortunate. After instinct for survival (or survival, as you like), by and large is a terrible thing! A man just could not believe that this situation is dangerous for him. The source of this problem lies in education.

We are taught from childhood, that fight bad (yes even fights should not be in nature – we are civilized people!), do not communicate with bullies (they engaged the police!), it is better to give Ham (be above that!). And with such a mental block with this model behavior at the level of reflexes people live their entire lives without even thinking about it. es a great future in this idea. And he concedes (in a conversation in a fight imposed) and loses. He’s just not ready to fight back! Man by nature – a predator. Speaking candidly Anu Saad told us the story. And it is a reality our lives – we would not have survived without being predators. And we remain predators. It is impossible to suppress in myself, this is just to monitor.

Psychology same melee – Psychology predator. Predator does not solve for themselves the moral problem, whether well kill their prey. No – he wants to eat and it kills. It is full – and it does not kill! Predator and prey are not enemies. And this difference of predator killer. It is necessary to understand and accept. And without breaking up the old stereotype of behavior is not necessary. How can a person remember that he is a predator? This process is very individual. For melee there is no doubt useful to have experience of victories in different situations, for his training in the same entryway or in the stairwell, on a street in a car, etc.

New Orlean Hornets

Nike Zoom Kobe III / Sl I invite you to remember a remarkable season, regular season of 2007-2008. It was incredible, absolutely breathtaking gaming year! The focus was to move Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in Boston, after which the team was the best result in the regular season. Also much discussed is incredibly has added New Orlean Hornets point guard, led by a new generation of very talented player Chris Paul. In addition, as always, gossiping about the power of great Lebron James, the prospects Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant, and, finally, to prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing. In all this hype the American basketball public almost missed the point, in my opinion, the surprise of the season – Los Angeles Lakers modernization and transformation of the Kobe. Indeed, before the start of this season's team looked at without any illusions as to the next middling, even good.

Fortunately, the club management in this regard were his own, different from other plans. Further details can be found at Democratic consultant , an internet resource. In the advantageous exchange left the team, perhaps the main disappointment of the last few years Kwome Brown, and was replaced by a talented Spanish central Pau Gasol. In addition, project managers could not lose such wonderful players like Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, etc. But that's not important! The main thing, in my opinion, this is what happened to themselves Koby! Guy just replaced! Anyone who saw him play this season, could not believe my eyes, because it strikingly different from everything that he showed before. No, individual skills, superb Danko and the overwhelming superiority over the rivals have not gone away, just in his actions on the court there was concern about partners and team play. Imagine Kobe Bryant, who at the decisive moment is not running to score through the whole team, and makes a pass on the remainder of the open player.