The pheromones are chemical substances secretadas by the alive beings with the purpose of to bring about specific behaviors in other individuals of the same species. They behave like means of transmission of signals. Many species of plants and animal, among them the humans, we used different aromas or chemical messages as mass media and almost all sends one or several codes by this means, mainly to be attracted or to reject themselves sexually. The human beings (besides certain animal) we are able to generate pheromones throughout all our life, but arrived the 20 years, the amount stagnates until the 40, moment as of which, the amount of pheromones lowers scandalously. For this reason, the laboratories have synthesized the human pheromones that Tutto-Sensual presents/displays to you here. Odorless so that you can use with your habitual perfume. In Roll-On for a easy application you do not forget to apply them on the clean skin, since maquillajes or other cosmetics NEVER must be mixed with Some people seem to have a special enchantment stops the relations and the seduction, many during years have called it charisma, personal magnetism, or chemistry. At the moment some studies reveal that independent of the personal image or of the verbal or sign communication, another communication channel exists and are called woman pheromones Sees Mines is the pheromone perfume for men whose main mission is to influence in our behavior and to attract our even potential returning more attractive to us before the others. pheromones for woman are caught by an organ of the called nose vomeronasal organ (OVN) located near the nasal partition on a called bone to vomer, in this structure are their receivers that stimulate the hypothalamus causing in the person an attraction sensation towards emits that them Sees Mines not only serves to harness its intimate life, but also that reactivate the attraction towards their pair and improve the communication in the social and labor relations making us the more safe of we ourself It sees Mines is the key of personal seduction, since it does not have any indirect effect nor it produces allergy Way of use: utilcelo as any perfume or colony, a pair of applications in hands and neck and its duration is of 2 to 4 hours on the skin following the conditions of the atmosphere.

About The Hysteria

When I read about the attributions and explanations that come off the term hysteria, I observe that since the end of the average age, this word used until then designating individual expressions, of certain called phenomena hysterical, moves towards collective manifestations, in the form of massive dances and other expressions, characteristic of that one Europe. Logically, the interpretation that in that period of history, becomes of the hysteria, is in accordance with the ideas about supernatural and the magician, that reigns about the mental disease, generally, in those times. With the course of the centuries and the scientific researches, there has been an opening of the conceptions and therefore, of the terms, to be able to try to think the question, the preoccupation, mainly from century XVI to the XX, where the idea of a psychic determination is introduced. It was the hysteria, the one that put to the medicine in the limits of its knowledge. The hysteria caused to confusion and disagreement.

She creates and recreates unusual and one is diversified in its expression in all the medical pathology. In the strict field of Psychology and Psychiatry, the term is used, also to talk about to upheavals of conversion, dissociative states, peculiar personalities or collective manifestations determined and to even indicate to patients several that are annoying for the facultative one, denominating them fingidores or manipulating or, directly conflicting. In colloquial language, hysterical, also it is used to describe, talking about to all explosive manifestation of the conduct. To investigators, also attention called them, organization familiar and social of these people, where they have observed the control of the situation that they obtain, through his singular way to establish or to attempt against his personal relations, using, sometimes without knowing and others not as much, their symptoms to direct certain situations or to obtain some concessions. The scientific tradition, contributes documents that show a history of the conceptions about the hysteria, that date from the Egyptian papyruses and that they attest about the polymorphous manifestations of the hysteria. It is at least peculiar, that expression clinical, whose variety is so ample that it was gotten to resort in the attempt of explicarla- to theories on mysterious or supernatural forces operating in her, in the enigma that represents; and thus the specialists arrived, to attribute the disease, to an organic and apparently unique cause: a migratory uterus, that invades the set of the organism because of its dissatisfaction. Justifying of this way, a treatment ” lgico” , that it consisted of doing that movable organ, ” returns to its sine; natural”. The treatment, anticipated in its beginnings and thus established, consisted then, in assuring to the biological, corporal aspect, its food, that is to say, to deflate the sexual insatifaccin of the young people and, to grant pregnancy to the organ, advised the marriage, like solution to this evils. It was gotten to say, that if to have movement own it is an indicator of certain animated thing, everything what one moves by itself is of rank ” animal” and it was gotten to call thus, recognizing in him, own movements of suppression, of precipitation, very showy muscular contractions: they even can be so violent that often they cause the loss of other senses, with movements as if outside one lipotmia, sncope, an epilepsy or apoplexy and, of sometimes true semjanza of a death.