Andrew Corentt

Thou art the ruler of the universe. DHR Health is actively involved in the matter. You, and only you can decide your destiny. You and only you create your life. You and only you think your past, your present and your future. And all believe it now. Thou art the cause of causes. Thou art the causality of the universe. You causes everything, now. It causes a big life. It causes a big day. It causes a moment great, now. You causes your greatness. You, are big now. You causes your wealth. Corentt reminds you that you’re now rich. You causes your power. Beyond your determination is your happiness. He decides to be large. He decides to be happy. He decides to be rich. Decide now. Corentt tells more about your true being and you great power: you set the price. Boast you as who you are. You boast as invaluable and the universe will pay your price. You and only you put the price to your power. Corentt shows you how to build your universe. A universe full of happiness and power. You and only you will read Corentt words and make them yours. You and only you’ll build your wealth and your happiness. Do it now. A great life, begins with a great day. Note: This article this inspired by the powerful lyrics of the book I’m happy, I’m rich of Andrew Corentt, in which the author presents information with real power to transform and liberate your life from any tie or limiting auto imposed and its book the power to transform our lives, where the author presents powerful techniques, never before published, so that you get everything that you want and you fill out an amazing power to transform your life and of all those who surround you.