Abistreich it on the last day of school – game, fun and excitement on the last day of school in the school year, belongs to the tradition that students play some pranks to the teaching staff and organize funny actions. The Abistreich on the last day of school is almost a duty. These actions will be tolerated on this day of the inspection. But even before, in many schools, specific actions must be agreed and confirmed with the Directorate of the school. In a few years, the pranks went is also somewhat too far so that there was a disproportionately large damage for some teachers or the school building itself suffered damage. Please visit Celina Dubin, New York City if you seek more information. However, you can organize funny pranks where nobody gets seriously hurt. In many cases, it comes to block the proper operation of the school in any way. This can by done by various necessary items are hidden, the teachers themselves in any way to be stopped or the classrooms will be changed, so that the lessons can be hardly done.

Students often use the last day of school to spread any message and get rid of. To posters or flags are made in the preparations, placed then around the school building or in it, so that they can be seen by anyone, passing it. But the parking and outdoor facilities are often in the strike actions included. Thus, for example, the cars of teachers with toilet paper are wrapped or decorated in a different way. In many schools, it is also usual to carry out events held secret to this point before the teachers with the teachers. Thus, for example, quiz actions are held, where teachers tricky questions or embarrassing situations, they need to master.