Following the race, of the weight, and the age of his mascot, his veterinarian will recommend a considered amount of calories that must consume on a daily basis for the healthy maintenance of the weight. He stops to determine if his domestic animal this fat person, a veterinarian will evaluate the structure and the total aspect of his domestic animal, something but that the numbers in the scale. If its mascot has excess of weight, the reduction of calories is the first step. His veterinarian also will recommend exercise. Ideally, the majority of the domestic animal must be exercised by around one hour daily (like the human beings), that it includes to walk and to play. In agreement with the same factors that caloric appropriate to – race, age and weight – and with one the little of aid of his veterinarian, you can fit the physical activity.

If you have a dog, the long walks must at least be 20 minutes in length, and even more length if their mascot this fat person. The long walk must become in a fast step so that thus both you can enjoy the improvements to the health! If there is a park or a beach it surrounds where they are allowed, tmelas for a small race, sends a ball, a flying disc, or palito and enseles to recover it. Many dogs love playing! If temperature is too hot, cercirese to make the long walk early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the dehydration. If you have a cat, following his form of life, he can enjoy playing inside or outdoors. Combined with a diet it heals and provided it is active approximately one hour every day, the kitten will maintain a weight healthy, also! Cercirese to especially maintain fresh water – after eating and to play and that the bowls of food and water stay clean. The natural remedies not only are for the human beings, the herbal remedies and homeopathic they are possible to be used to help its mascot to also obtain optimal health! The milk thistle can help to improve the hepatic function of its cat or dog, that is important since the liver has the task of metabolizar the fat. The lion tooth is also an excellent tonic of the liver and the biliary vesicle, that also aid to the arterial pressure within healthy range. With one little of aid of the nature and a certain one effort of his part, you can maintain to his mascot in excellent form!


The pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is a set of symptoms that appear before the menstruation. Approximately 85% of women between 20 and 40 years of age, realize that the days before their menstruation some changes undergo, can be more sensible or irritable than customary and this it can cause problems with his pair. When the physical and emotional changes cause problems in its daily life you can be suffering of the pre-menstrual syndrome. Although a specific cause does not exist, the blood and the effects have been related him to a hormonal imbalance due to the amount of estrogens in that produce on cerebral chemistry. Also they influence the levels of endorfinas and serotonin, chemical substances of the brain that play an important role in humor and the behavior. The symptoms The symptoms vary mainly from a woman to another one in intensity, although most frequent they are: Symptoms that affect the personality: Irritability Depression Anxiety Confusion Physical symptoms: Sensitivity in the sines Inflammation in the belly Headache and pain back Retention of liquids Dolores muscular Acne Treatment Traditionally, medecines are recommended to alleviate the symptoms of the PMS. Often the indirect effect of medecines can be worse than the symptoms. For that reason, many women now use quiroprcticos services for the lightening of the PMS. Although chiropractics does not cure the PMS, it has verified itself that the reestablishment of a optimum neural function through quiroprcticos adjustments, contributes to improve the severity of symptoms, pains, and the quality of life.