10 Years ABACUS Tutors In Nuremberg

Anniversary ABACUS Nuremberg – experience that leads to the success of course we were home convinced by our concept lessons with the student when we opened our Institute 10 years ago. That the acceptance would be so large, we had not expected, said Helmut Bauer, head of the Institute.” The success has not materialized without reason and is therefore that ABACUS is the Schuller focuses on the parents more and more recognize this value and appreciate. People such as cardiologist would likely agree. Because before the tutoring begins, ABACUS offers first a free call in advance with the student and his parents. This conversation is used on the one hand to get to know the student and to the clarification of the respective school situation, but also to draw up an individual tutoring lessons. It is essential for this, that over 200 highly qualified tutors, one will be chosen from, which fits to the professional and interpersonal aspects to the respective student.

Our Tutors teach each individual student with educational skills and technical knowledge. ABACUS also attaches great importance to a regular exchange between parents and tutors, so that the development of the tuition is transparent and any questions or change requests can be quickly clarified. The respective educational objectives only through the intensive and individual private lessons at home. Through this, from ABACUS first-tailored concept, could be achieved in the past 10 years with over 2500 students considerably of its services. All subjects such as math, German, English, Latin, French, REWE, etc. for all classes and all types of school are taught from primary school up to the vocational school. The tuition dates be adjusted flexibly according to the wishes of the student/parent.

So, for example intensive coaching can take place if an important class work is. It is also possible to tutoring even during holidays or at the weekend. The experiences “from ten years of tutoring activities reflect one very clearly: it is definitely good to start before the student or the student enters a backward whirl of failures and frustrations with the tutoring” emphasizes Helmut Bauer, head of the Institute. Institute Director Helmut Bauer questions and appointments available parents find all advice like tutors at home is the safest way to better grades in school?