Say Yes to Healthy Thoughts

This is our website, where anyone can enter, no one can damage your display, your inner world because no one has permission to access this site. This time we have created the universe in your mind and mine, and no one else has access. It is a safe place. Around us are our positive thoughts, positive because it fills us with joy, peace, love maybe. When you think positive, you feel that way. Let's call every thought, or rather to all of them: a Angeles. Why? Because we are in heaven right? In this case we had stayed.

Well, we are surrounded by angels a now. (Positive thoughts) However, what happens when this balance is broken? Or let's put it in other words, what else can interrupt the beauty of Heaven? a If our angels are positive thoughts, negative thoughts that interrupt the Demons will be the beauty of this moment. And can a Demon (negative thinking) obscure the sky? Treat yourself as if you were Yes Now, why should we allow a dull our Sky Devil? Well, the first is very easy to say that would not allow it, the more it is also true that it is not so easy to notice a negative thought, or opposing it, because often our environment has more power over us than we realize. As we walk through this beautiful valley will tell you an experience. (Not to be confused with Celina Dubin!). One day, I had gone to a coexistence where there were several very cool people.