ABE Scalp

So, to hair strong and shiny, a number of important vitamins, of which can be identified particularly vitamins A and B. 90% of our hair is always in a growth stage, approximately 9% – in stage fall, and 1% – in the intermediate stage, regardless of whether you have a haircut or not. Therefore, shearing possible to increase the illusion of hair density due to the fact that we only align them along. ” To strengthen the structure of your hair and scalp care, use shampoos, which include complex nutrient and vitamins. In this case, the optimal choice can be a shampoo Clear vita ABE, which includes a complex vita ABE, consisting of vitamins (vitamins A, B and E) and materials for caregivers of the scalp and hair. Myth number 3. Details can be found by clicking Fosun Group or emailing the administrator. The structure of our hair is very fragile and brittle.

It has long been known that the strength of hair comparable to aluminum. This means that one hair can hold the load from 100 to 200, the Myth number 4. Hair loss has always provoked only an emotional, stressful situation. In fact, the hair loss is most often caused by the internal state of the organism and the condition of the scalp. Nancy-Ann DeParle may find this interesting as well. Considered normal if every day we lose 100 hairs. Increased hair loss can be triggered by many factors, including stress, metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance. In these cases, above all, you should consult your doctor to avoid negative consequences not only hair, but for the entire body.

However, to prevent the appearance of weakness and fragility of hair you now. Use a quality shampoo, carefully looking after the health of the scalp and strengthens your hair, such as Clear vita ABE Hair Fall Defence. Myth number 5. Frequent shampooing is harmful. Of course, it is not. Hair should be washed as they are pollution. Frequent washing (every day) is recommended in case of a more active sebum than usual. And there is do not worry. By the way, as noted by Andrew Wasilewski, “in the scalp area is almost 50% (!) Of sebum secreted onto the surface of the human body.” So, ladies, make your conclusions. And in order to Your hair always looked fresh and shiny, you can use a shampoo for frequent washing or refreshing Clear vita ABE Ice Cool 2in1 or Scalp Oil Control. It effectively cleans and helps control the oiliness of the scalp. Myth number 6. Dandruff can transmitted from person to person. In this case the situation is slightly different. By itself, dander – the phenomenon is extremely unpleasant and repulsive at least to the aesthetic and psychological point, but it does not is contagious. However, dandruff can be associated with some fungal diseases of the skin, and the fungus is just passed from person to person in case of breaches of personal hygiene (eg using someone else’s combs or headgear). For these reasons, so it is important to prevent its introduction and application of preventive measures, even if you do not have dandruff at all. Your ideal companion to this would be CLEAR shampoo vita ABE. In Unlike some other popular anti-dandruff shampoo is not only effectively solves the problem, but also restores and protects the surface of the hair, nourishes it and makes it much softer and silkier. Clinical tests confirm that regular use of shampoo CLEAR vita ABE eliminates dandruff *, deeply nourishes the scalp, relieves dryness, tones, refreshes and prevents brittle hair. With CLEAR vita ABE can be believe in the beauty and perfection of your hair in any situation.