About The Fear Or Fear And Its Scope

If we are experiencing, it is because we collect the bitter fruits of the errors that we have sown in the past. While our this active energy, known control, there will be life in our physical vehicle and we can carry out the Mission of the why we are in this dimension. Fear or fear at any time, can appear and put us to the test, which we must overcome, avante exit in order to avoid us reaches repercussions that us may affect mental and physically. Since then, fear or fear manifests itself as emotion, which must be controlled, in order to not see us affected by this. We are reminded that fear or fear is an emotion characterized by an intense usually unpleasant feeling caused by the perception of a threat, real or course, present, future or even last. It is a primary emotion that is derived from the natural aversion to the risk or threat, and manifests itself in humans as well as animals.

According to the dictionary of the Real Academia Espanola (DRAE) fear is the disturbance distressing the mood for a risk or damages real or imaginary. The word comes from the latin metus, which has similar meaning. As all the emotions he admits graduation, Julio Casares ideological Dictionary sets some associated terms, as fear, suspicion, apprehension, fright, dread, terror, horror, phobia, fright, alarm, danger or panic Wikipedia gives us in this respect, fear or fear can be approached in different ways and it is necessary to distinguish it, for this is us noted, that from the biological point of viewfear is an Adaptive scheme and constitutes a mechanism of survival and defense, emerged to allow the individual to respond to adverse situations quickly and effectively. In that sense, it is normal and beneficial for the individual and for their species. From the neurological point of view it is a common form of organization of the primary brain of living beings, and essentially consists of the activation of the amygdala, located in the temporal lobe.