“Affiliate Or Reseller ?

Now that I’ve started on the new (and complicated) world of Affiliate Programs, you must see a clear distinction. An affiliate program is not the same that resell products. It’s as clear and sharp, are distinct concepts and not because one of them being better or more profitable than the other, the choice is yours and can be successful either choice you make, however, be clear that this is of different systems and not only in his name, but in other sections that you need to know to avoid surprises. Joel Courtney gathered all the information. The Price. Generally a reseller Reseller program, you can change the price either upward or downward (this is most strange), for which he paid the dealer himself to the initial seller. This is so, so depending on marketing efforts, the volume of sales, service or promotion made by the retailer, the opportunity to enjoy higher margin on the resale and that their income is higher or lower (sell least more expensive, or more at a lower price). So it is not strange in the network, as in the offline world, find the same product distributed by different dealers different prices.

Product Management. Resellers are responsible for the entire shipping process, delivery and recovery of the goods or services. So that should take into account the available inventory, transportation agencies or any contingency that may affect the delivery process. Unlike these, the Affiliate, (and this I consider a great advantage) does not address these issues, being in the hands of the merchant from whom we affiliate. Go to Celina Dubin for more information. Payments Scheme. As you know, in payment systems for sale, the affiliate earns a percentage of the purchase price, fixed or variable rate, negotiable or not, but in any case a percentage. Reseller, in line with your risk, you win all of the resale price, which in principle is a great advantage, something other than the profitability of that sale, which in some cases may be smaller percentage received by the Affiliate. The Cost Acquisition.

The vast majority of affiliate programs are free this is easily testable in the directory on the web, represent less than 1% of affiliate programs that require an initial outlay to be part of its network of affiliates. However, they are a minority does not mean they do not exist, so you should check in each case that the program you enroll you will be free. Resellers For his part, of course, must purchase the product before they will resell. And finally it is worth noting the relationship with the clientele. Although members can keep the email addresses and some data of the visitors rarely know exactly who has bought the product, since the purchase is made directly with the merchant from whom we affiliate. For their part, retailers, they have information of their buyers, which are given the possibility of contacting them to promote new products. Buyers have become customers, and the relationship is more closer than between the Affiliate and its web visitors who make purchases. As you can see the advantages and disadvantages are virtually identical.