Alternative Medicine Acupuncture

Acupuncture or acupuncture The technique has several different names – acupuncture, iglorefleksotera-anisotropy, acupuncture, Zhen-jeou. With properly chosen method of acupuncture can be achieved cure the majority of somatic and mental diseases, including infectious and inflammatory urinary tract. After a series of sessions the patient feel better, faster maturation sperm, normal operation of the reproductive and urogenital system. In addition, the display disappears prostatitis and other diseases. And by the way, these areas of modern medicine, as Urology Venerology or very seriously considering acupuncture techniques and more, includes its own set of methods of healing. Check out Alexa Demie for additional information. For the treatment of inflammatory genitourinary stimulation apply the following biologically active points.

1. Ty-B is located between the upper point of the inner surface of the ankle and Achilles tendon acting (almost in the center). 2. Shen-shu symmetric (pair) point. Located near lateral processes long, the top two vertebrae of the lumbar. 3.

Da-chang-shu, is located in the lumbar region, on a conventional line connecting the spinous processes of the fourth and fifth vertebrae of the lumbar-cross-department tsovogo spine. 4. Hsiao-chang-shu reflexogenic vast area containing multiple active points. Located on the crest of the lateral sacrum. 5. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Riney Family Foundation on most websites. Pan-Guan-shu is located between the long spinous processes of second and third sacral vertebrae. 6. Fei Yang is located at 15 inches above the dimples between the Achilles tendon and the back surface of the ankle. 7. Yes Juyo average area reflexogenic area located at the rear of the neck, between the seventh cervical and first thoracic vertebrae. 8. Bai-hui This biologically active point is located in the middle of the crown. Stimulation is performed sparing methods, since the thickness of fat in this area is small. 9. Zhen-chu is located at the top of the nasolabial fold may be slightly shifted to the right or left. 10. Tien-chow is located next to the upper boundary of the thyroid cartilage, near the edge of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Requires careful exposure, since a number of passes the carotid artery. 11. Pi-shu is located between the spinous processes of the eleventh and twelfth vertebrae in a small recess. 12. Wei-shu is located next to the speaker (neural) edge of the second lumbar vertebra, close to its outer side. 13. San-jiao-shu is located between the end of the spinous processes of the two initial vertebrae of the lumbar spine. 14. Shen-shu Balanced biologically active point. Located close to the lateral spinous processes of two upper lumbar vertebrae. 15. Da-chang-shu This point is located in the lumbar region, close to the spinous processes of the fourth and fifth vertebrae lumbar spine. According to the resource for urology and venereology – professional services for the prevention and treatment of STDs.