Angelina Jolie

Therefore, preparations of hyaluronic acid does not cause allergies and improve the condition of the tissues, making skin supple and hydrated. Such gels are fully synthetic and, oddly enough, it is so useful and organically for us. Previously, hyaluronic acid extracted from chicken combs, and allergy occurred not on acid, as such, but the remnants of animal protein. Today, "chicken" gels in the past and consider them only as a necessary part of the story. All available in the arsenal of the plastic surgeon drugs differ only marginally in mainly on the viscosity of the substrate. Gels softer actions are perfect for combating the so-called "crow's feet, medium – will help her lips, and the most" severe "- would smooth nasolabial folds.

Also, these gels are successfully used to restore the contour of the chin and the correction of the cheeks. Worked well gels "Restylane," Perlayn , Juvederm and Teosyal. Most importantly most important thing – the correct technique of administration is not very deep and not superficial. It is very important for the qualitative and aesthetic result. Who can, who can not be sure, like any medical procedure, Contour has its contraindications. You can not do injection if you have sensitivity to hyaluronic acid, diseases of the immune system, or you are pregnant. Absolute contraindications are inflammatory processes of skin and soft tissues, herpes active form of acne. First, we need to heal the skin, and only then make plastics.

Can not enter the gels immediately after laser treatment, peeling, wait at least three weeks. Not recommended for plastic people in general and in particular Province those who have the tendency to form hypertrophic scars. Advantages The main advantage of a technique – the result is visible immediately after injection. This is equally true of the lips, and contour of the chin and cheeks, and wrinkles. Itself procedure usually takes no more than an hour. The recovery period quite small, just a few days and no one realizes that her lips "done" surgeon, rather than by nature itself. Safety In a good clinic to the procedure will explain all the possible consequences of the injection. Give recommendations for care after the injections. Typically, they are quite simple: within a few days, do not rub the lips, not tan, do not go to the bath. Redness slight swelling of the pass very quickly. As a rule, unhappy with the outcome, only those who wanted the impossible. You have to understand that she is not a young age will never have to have the lips of twenty girls and would not like to Angelina Jolie. This procedure is meant to correct, improve, rather than radically change the appearance. Consultation held Adeline Fuatovna Altyeva, md, a plastic surgeon, cosmetologist