I am absolutely not the type of person who meditates, sitting for a long time and doing nothing. This form is for me comparable to torture. And I can do that and leave. But I know that I need to reconsider my approach as Practice shows that in addition to reducing stress and uplift your mood, meditation can help improve health in chronic diseases and strengthen the immune system. But I do not want to spend long hours to ensure that calmed down a bit.

I need a very quick and easy way, giving a feeling of comfort, peace! Here they are: The showers are located under a cascade of water in the shower, take three deep and slow breaths. Focus on their feelings, feel the pleasant aroma of soap, shampoo, listen to the sounds of falling water. Imagine that all your problems, difficulties lie on the surface of your body (skin) that you always wash off. Close eyes and slowly repeat: "I feel completely recovered, and then loudly three times, focusing on each word and get an unforgettable pleasure from his calmness and a feeling of complete update freshness. Behind a desk Close your eyes and take five deep, relaxing breaths, especially focusing on the exhale. Try using a visualization technique that I learned in Sport: Imagine that you have with great diligence takes on any task. Bring to mind one of your talents, abilities (eg creativity, diligence, enthusiasm), which will be the key to a successful solution problem.

Assessing their ability, make every effort to successfully achieve the goal. Before you open your eyes and get down to business, make sure you did everything correctly, and then it will turn very soon. On the walk Unplug the phone, sat up and gather in a stomach. You will immediately feel higher. Slowly walking, focus attention on parts of the body in isolation. First, feel the full harmony with his legs. Focus on how leg bent at the knee and bend open, then transfer attention to the thigh and feel both feet touching the ground. Next, focus on the hands, so if they were balloons, and then focus on the neck. Continue for 10 minutes. For the harmony of body parts – shake it. In the workplace, raising his eyebrows and hold, count to 3. Pull down and take a deep breath, exhale. Repeat twice. Do not worry, wrinkles will not go! Repeat with each body part, from the stress and relax the shoulders, hands and feet up. Sitting quietly, and feel how relaxed your muscles – and mind. Relaxed muscles need a lot less oxygen, so your breath will be a little slow, heartbeat and blood pressure will decrease. The natural way your body becomes calm, relaxed, and, consequently, your mood.