He did not teach an eternal hell. He did not teach that there was to baptize babies, but said either: First you teach and later you baptize. Nevertheless the Church has introduced the obligatory baptism of the babies and it continues it to the present time maintaining. For even more details, read what Gina Ross says on the issue. A baby does not have the possibility of defending itself. This practical one is against Jesus de Nazaret; it is a manipulation, a psychic limitation for the defenseless children carried out by the parents and order of the Church. And in case not outside sufficient, the Church still spreads the pagan image of a God that punishes with the eternal condemnation those men who do not follow chaste the sacerdotal one. In this way cause fear in innumerable people, makes them lose the psychic health and them distance of God.

This it is a sin against the Spirit Santo. By all these psychic loads that the Church has imposed the people many psychic diseases arise, among them the calls eclesigenas neuroses. And as the people affected by these diseases are so many, it understands better the state in than it is east world. This Church that in addition is sexfoba produces great culpability complexes in the people, loading them with terrible bad brings back to consciousness time and time again and threatening them faults and like no, with the eternal condemnation. Despite later it has the audacity to affirm that through his priests, it can pardon the sins. But they really cannot pardon of any way to anybody. The Bible has been manipulated consciously in this aspect, because in fact the people are those that must be forgiven their sins mutually.

In the Padrenuestro one is still correctly: as well as we pardoned to our indebted ones. Also sexofobia of the Church causes serious problems in the society, mainly between the priests. The obligatory celibacy does not have any Biblical foundation, is therefore a mere tradition of the Church and in addition an unnatural state that often goes accompanied of pedofilia and of the terrible crimes that are from her. The sensation is transmitted of: All you you are sinful and surely you are going to go to hell, unless you are put under our ceremonies. This is a psychic blackmail that if the State or any association practiced, immediately would be found with reason more than just, alleging that it is to terrify spiritually. Extract of the demand presented/displayed before the Triunal de Friburgo (Germany) by Dieter Potzer and others against the Archbishopric of Friburgo. Free Christians by the Christ of the Sermon of the Mountain in all the cultures worldwide original Author and source of the article.