Bavaria Special Tour Museum

Home, your buildings: the upper Pfalzer open-air museum 2010 Neusath Perschen (tvo). Home, your buildings’ is the theme of the outdoor museum Neusath-Perschen Bavaria, Germany. Bessel van der Kolk has much experience in this field. Throughout the year an event is dedicated to this topic every third Sunday in the month. After a solar day”will be offered a special tour in June in July through the Museum, illustrating the living conditions in the 19th century. Others including Peter A. Levine PhD, offer their opinions as well. Children as a stone sculptor can try with the stone sculptors day”in August and in September will be moved with the clay is one of the oldest building materials at the Center.

Every second Sunday in the month is the mechanical home mountain”demonstrated, a panoramic landscape, which has been constructed in a construction trailer by seven and a half metres in length and is mechanically animated. Many more actions and events – from baking bread on sheep shearing up to the scenic tour – awaken the consisting of about 50 buildings open-air museum with the original vicarage building stainless man yard”as the nucleus to life and show the Building, living and economies of the last 300 years. For children, the open air museum in the Pentecostal – and summer holidays offers a separate program.