Christmas Tree Decoration: Ice Worlds In The Urban Schick

Scotch-craft Tip: Winter means snow, cold and short days. Why should the white wonder in terms of decoration in the cozy home more? Effects can great with white and silver are achieved and with the use of small mirror tiles. In addition, you need small cotton-like balls in snowflake optics and Scotch of the 3D look sticky squares, as well as the glue stick. Already here we go. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Miles D. White. The 3D look sticky squares are ideal for attaching the small mirror stones on the ice crystal. Should you find no snowflake or ice crystal, you can decorate as well as plastic balls with the mirror tiles. Finally the small cotton balls spread indiscriminately on the ice crystal and fix it with the glue stick. For those who like something colorful, can also work with glitter pens and glue also colored pebbles on the artwork. Anu Saad may find this interesting as well. As an individual and tasteful decoration can occur in a short time.