Coaching Sports and Psychology

The word comes from the coach and coaching includes receive the introduction to the destination. Unfortunately, this formulation too much room for interpretation, which is why the call for a more exact definition statement louder and louder. There are still many open questions in this area, such as: How do you recognize a good coach, you need a coaching, what is the goal of my coaching and who defines it? And despite the lack of responses, the demand is for a coaching continues to grow. But why a concept narrowing and definition is so difficult is below. With every coaching it comes to new application areas, industries and especially to different personalities. This is the empathic empathy and the ability to neutral supervision of the coach of enormous importance. The experience has made in recent years it appears that a therapeutic certification in psychology, the best reputation in training and thus the safest sandy for coaching is because most psychologists the ability of Exploration, analysis and implement the mediation of goal achievement. Since it is a common coaching on the basis of individuality but, there has prevailed until now not as a universal method and success of international standard.

In conclusion it can be said that a coach like bears responsibility for the people who are seeking help to contact him, just as for the result and the consequences of his work as a therapist. The objectives of a coaching are mainly determined by the coaches themselves. This may, however, change the course of coaching, as they adapt to the development of the coaches. The rationale for a coaching are very diverse and range from the drive of personality development to failures or performance pressure. Here the coaching his individuality comes to benefits. It can be used as an instrument of resource, capability and skill optimization are used.