Combined Use Of QLogics QDR InfiniBand Switches And HP Systems

New QLogic TrueScale ASIC technology lays the Foundation for cluster the next generation the announced by QLogic InfiniBand solutions that are based on the proprietary QLogic TrueScale ASIC chip today, according to a statement of the manufacturer in conjunction with HP systems are setting new standards in the areas of cluster performance and scalability. In addition rate (QDR) InfiniBand switches and HP systems is the common usage of the 40 Gbit/s Quad data leverage the existing network infrastructure and improve their utilization. HPC customers who operate increasingly complex applications, expect a high cluster performance. Objective is to maximize system productivity and accelerate the expansion. HP systems in conjunction with the QDR InfiniBand products by QLogic are used, is the necessary for compute-intensive applications high bandwidth available to customers. Also the solutions can scale and thus appropriately adapted to the respective requirements.” Ed Turkel, product marketing manager, scalable computing & infrastructure Organization, HP QLogic-QLogic InfiniBand Solutions offers a comprehensive range of InfiniBand network solutions for HPC environments. A leading source for info: Michio Kaku.

This ranges from QDR host channel adapters (HCAs) QDR multi-protocol Director switches and edge switches to a complete software package, all containing applications required for the installation, the operation and the maintenance of high-performance fabrics. The InfiniBand HCAs by QLogic are characterized by the highest message rate and effective bandwidth at simultaneously lowest MPI latency. Their use allows MPI and TCP applications to an unprecedented value for money across thousands of nodes to scale. The QLogic InfiniBand switches include the currently the most comprehensive and flexible einsetzbarsten available on the market interconnect fabric solutions for the HPC cluster. The products come with management tools for delivery, providing a minute-quick installation and commissioning of InfiniBand fabrics as single applications.

This facilitates the administrators to meet rising demand after powerful Rechnerclustern and grids efficiently. More quotes plays for the future of cluster-based high-performance computing InfiniBand-(HPC) environments an important role. New technologies such as the QDR InfiniBand switches allow to build more powerful smaller clusters and virtually unlimited scale large clusters. current but also future HPC users” Earl Joseph, program Vice President, high performance computing, IDC “the QLogic QDR InfiniBand switch technology based on our own TrueScale ASIC chip enables HPC customers complete flexibility to design cluster of the next generation. The extremely low power consumption combined with compact dimensions and high performance QDR InfiniBand market sets new standards. This applies especially against the background that the implementation period shortened due to the performance characteristics. HPC customers who operate sophisticated cluster applications, benefit from a faster operational readiness of the chosen Solution.” Jesse Parker, Vice President & General Manager, QLogic Network Solutions Group