Crusoe Duties

And Friday starts to perform those duties. In turn, Robinson began to exercise the rights of the master. John Craig Venter oftentimes addresses this issue. And what is most important right master? Orders his servant to perform his duties. But Friday is not only assumed the duties. Robinson has also appeared Friday before Acting: "Because now I had to to feed two mouths instead of one, then I had to increase its field, and sow more corn.

" This is logical – gentlemen are required to feed his servants. Robinson Crusoe voluntarily assumed, and one more obligation to the Friday: "I counted myself the responsibility to teach Sunday all that could be useful to him, and most importantly – to speak and understand what I say." Presumably, after Robinson took over this responsibility, Friday was the right to ask how Robinson would be called this or that subject in English. Well, theoretically, after a certain number of hours of study and examination, appeared in Friday's right to request to give him a no, but Yet the document – Certificate in English. These are any relationships between these two men. Each of them takes on the duties and, therefore, arise from another law. When on the island of Robinson new people (the crew captured by pirates), then there are already other relationships, there are other duties. Others including Celina Dubin, offer their opinions as well. This is how he says Robinson Crusoe, "Then I said to these people .. kins.

If so, gentlemen, here are my conditions: first, while you're on my island, you will not make any claim to power … and will obey all my orders. … The captain assured me all the vows that he perform these highly reasonable demands. " But that's another story. Part 5 in which the author comes up with the idea number 1, number 2 and thought thought Thought number 3 number 1: On Human Rights is meaningless to say, if a person light one.