Decision Makers

Results of the study ‘iPad effects 2010’ by tomorrow focus media almost 90% of iPad users are decision makers in their companies. 43.6% make final decisions, 29.1% are significantly involved in the decision-making process and 16.2% provide important information and prepare decisions. Swarmed by offers, Ultra Wellness Center is currently assessing future choices. That study the iPad effects 2010 “by tomorrow focus media. Who has it, it uses daily 97% of iPad users use their device daily. Mostly even several times on the day. Although dominated by the private use, but nearly 70% of respondents indicated that even professional use the iPad. The use is mostly at home or on the road, for example, on the way to work or back.

More than 70% are 40 and older. 80% possess a high school diploma and 60% higher than a university degree. Most important application is the procurement of information over the Internet, as well as the reading of newspapers, journals, magazines. But also the maintenance of contacts and the application of Office software are called. Mobility is the most important reason for the purchase in the information-gathering process. Where the usability as well as the size of the display can be seen as decisive advantages compared to Smartphones.

While the usage of the iPad primarily in the private sector is, it is a more decreasing trend to the professional applications. Mainly overlooking the decision marker abundance among the users, it becomes clear what great potential here is for companies. Agencies to respond in terms of increasing commercial use also respond to marketing agencies. The marketing agency Wehl man has recognised this trend early and advises their customers for a long time beyond the effective and efficient use of the iPad. The activities of the marketing agency Wehl man is more than just advice. Through the expertise within the online marketing, technical solutions can be designed and implemented according to customer requirements.