The government of the people by the people, can not survive by having people without education and individual responsibility. Real democracy must be devoted to education. Other forms of gobierino make education a tool that puts individuals in government service, but democracy education for participation in government. But what should be the subject of education? A quotation from Samuel Johnson said: Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless. Knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful groiso.

Many times when education is analyzed as a purpose, as an end in itself, we must ask what the purpose of education, reason should lead us to where introspectively. Certainly it is to spur the conoicimiento and people skills in addition to the competition and understanding, but a good education should expand the good character and integrity. Anything without strength of character is dangerous, even education. The in-struction or education is no substitute for morality, and to educate and guide young people must add items moral, ethical and spiritual force there ca-racter and the proper balance in their lives.