EGO Civilization

Freud defends the thesis of that the primitive man if found in better situation of what the civilized one, therefore he did not have its instincts, sexual how much in such a way destructive, restrained (FREUD, 1999). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Somatic Experiencing. However, the perspectives to usufruct of this possible happiness if became tenuous the measure that the primitive way of life was of much unreliability. Soon, the civilization appears when the primitive man exchange possibilities of happiness for a little more than security. It appears, then, the primitive family, where the will of the head, the father, was unrestricted. At a certain moment, the children rebel against this head onipotente and commit the parricide, thus marking the beginning of one ' ' contract social' ' , where all accept to have little freedom so that all can have it. Under this theoretical line, salient Freud that all individual is enemy of the civilization, since in all the men exist destructive trends, antisocial and anti-cultural.

The civilization therefore, stops a constant battle against the isolated man of its freedom, substituting the power of the individual for the power of the community (FREUD, 1999). Freud shows the concepts of ID, EGO and SUPEREGO to explain as they had started to exist the remorse and guilt feelings, come of the internalizao of the social rules for the SUPEREGO. The ID would be the concept that would assign the impulses, the motivations and more primitive desires of the human being. The EGO would be a guide of the behavior of the organism on the basis of the reality. It looks for to take care of the demands of the ID and its desires, but its function consists of satisfying them or not, according to possibilities offered for the reality. The SUPEREGO represents the norms and the conventional values of the society or the social group in which the individual was created and where he is inserted.