Focus Systems Management

Proverb companies increasingly must be prepared to face changes and challenges facing them. The current business scenarios presented, where management was responsible for its operation, requires an objective view to act within an organizational culture itself and according to the characteristics of the current scenarios, using the best resources organizational, financial, technical, human and intangible. What if it is served may reach the benefits of formal analysis techniques of decisions, the information it makes available to the computer, and therefore, interpretation and management of a comprehensive heuristic.

Consider the remarks made by Theodore Levitt, that: we must learn from the past appliance make some progress: Although one learns and progresses from the past, we run the risk of using obsolete dogmas that are for new times. The point is not whether the knowledge is transferable, but if applicable. This means that now, more than in the past, the essential administrative ability is not a good memory to recall principles as is the usual case in law and medicine, but the ability to determine which is actually the problem and to do that distinguishes the top executive. Understanding is more important than belief in dogmas.

From here then, that any manager or aspiring to be already in the exercise, consider that an operational definition of management that relates to the concept of management with a number of observable criteria, involves an organized activity, objectives, relationships between resources, work through others, decisions, systems analysis and evaluation.