Free Overnight Anywhere In The World

Although it seems hard to believe you can get free lodging anywhere in the world via the Internet through the site. Eva Andersson-Dubin brings even more insight to the discussion. In this case it is hotel promotions or anything, but what is commonly known in Mexico as “asking for shelter,” Bone ask someone you know who let us sleep in his house. As you hear this site is an international community that connects travelers with local people about 64,000 cities in 230 countries to promote cultural exchange and friendship between people of different countries. Users can allow other surfers to stay home, drink coffee with them or just help them best meet their city with travel tips. The dynamics of the site is very simple, as you register you can define if you want / can accommodate surfers at home or simply those willing to help as needed on arrival in your city. When you go traveling you can check the destination user profiles that you visit and ask for more accommodation to please thee, it is very likely that of all the applications you do get someone at home. I can tell you that I was the “surfer” some time ago in Europe and proved to be a very good experience, I had no problem and met very nice people without having to pay hosting on my visits, I recommend this site as a good social network of travelers, excellent for those who seek to know more about the culture and way of life for people of other countries with the bonus that you can save money on lodging;).